This Is Your Reminder That Surrendering Is Not A Failure

Your knuckles are white with that tight grip. They turn purple as you sink your fingers deeper.

Holding on feels like fighting. If you aren’t willing to let go, then maybe you’ve won the battle. Maybe you’ve been selfless. Maybe you even cared the most.

But when did gripping turn into holding on for our dear life? As if you didn’t have this thing, you would not live. As if this person or situation is the missing piece of you that is to be completed.

Look at your body. Do you see any gaps? No. Because you are whole. Right here. Right now. You are everything you need to be. When you grip, you tell yourself that you have a gap in your puzzle.

And you don’t.

You are absolutely and completely whole as you are.

But I know you’re scared that if you don’t have that one person to call, the one passion to hold onto, that feeling that lights you up, you will be broken.

But you’ve never been broken. Let me remind you of your innate worth. As you are completely you, it is all that there needs to be. Every single thing outside of you is a mirror and addition to the beauty that is within you.

So don’t grip onto things that are no longer an extension of you.

Surrendering is not a failure. It is the bravest thing we can ever do, because it tells us that we are worth more than holding onto something that does not have the capacity to be a true part of us.

Hold faith and hope that what’s meant for you will stay or better things will come.

Because surrendering is letting yourself be enough. To hold on, is to lose. To let go is to gain yourself back.

Sink into that.

I write so others can feel enough to write <3

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