6 Different Boyfriends, And What They Will Teach You About Relationships

Boyfriend #1

I wasn’t ever truly in love with you because we both had no idea what love was. But you cheated on me. As a freshman/sophomore I was at a fragile age. Bring on the insecurities for future relationships.

If he’s not making time for you, he’s making it for someone else.

Boyfriend #2

You were a baby. You can say my cougarness started here. You were always sweet to me and asked me to Homecoming better than anyone else. I liked you, I did but I shouldn’t have dragged on the minor relationship we had. At least we both look back and laugh, along with everyone else at our high school.

You may have a crush on someone, doesn’t always mean you should date him or her.

Boyfriend #3

You were the first “I love you”. We made it through the honeymoon stage but pressures of high school and family got in the way. We really did have a great relationship full of laughter and just plain high school love. We even had an epic break up that consisted of yelling and then Golden Spoon after.

Some people that come into your life to leave you, they leave a wound. How you take care of that wound is what makes the difference.

The Breakup
The Breakup

Boyfriend #4

I first saw you on Myspace! HA Myspace! Even though our time together was short, I loved it. We didn’t go to the same school and the group of friends that you surrounded yourself with was nothing like I have ever seen. It was beautiful! You opened my eyes to God. I think you will secretly forever be my dad’s favorite cause whenever your name is mentioned to this day he says “My Boy!”

If you know he makes you better person, then he is for sure a keeper. Why aren’t I still with him? In the end we were different people. This happens and it’s nothing to sulk about just be grateful that person was in your life.

Boyfriend #5

To this day I still can’t believe I dated you. You were terrible, treated me like dirt and constantly cheated on me emotionally and physically with your ex girlfriend. But what is crazy to me the most I how long I stuck around. “Maddie he loves one thing that starts with an “M” and its not you. This was said to me and I should have listened.

You need this relationship because then you know exactly what you don’t want in a relationship.

Boyfriend #6

We had a wonderful, stealthy, and fightless relationship. Our relationship was secret for a while and I think that’s what made it so exciting. I loved our relationship.I was completely myself with you. Your family was mine and mine was yours. We were active and adventurous but the memories that first come to mind are snuggling with your dog while watching Chopped and belting out Maroon 5 in my car. You’re always going to be “Little One” to me. Even though you’re a foot taller than me. Sadly, I think the age difference got the better of us.

Sometimes two people aren’t meant to be together. They share happy/unforgettable times but in the end they are destined to make memories with someone new. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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