3 Little Secrets The Most Confident Girls Definitely Know

confident girls
Sai Maddali

I always hear people’s different “secrets” to being confident, but if you ask me, there’s no secret. Confidence isn’t a secret that has to be revealed, but it’s having the revelation of who you are inside. It’s a piece of growth in your soul, and that seed of growth begins with loving yourself. There is a lot of insecurity and self hatred in our culture. Everyone wants to be what they aren’t. Whether it’s bigger lips, being taller, having longer eyelashes, fleeker eyebrows, or looking entirely different, people want to be who they aren’t. So many people want to be a different person, but I believe it’s so important to embrace who you are and fall in love with that person. That journey is not easy, but here are some steps to begin:

1. Know your worth.

Know what you deserve and who you are. This is the first step and probably the hardest. This requires finding out who you truly are. Who are you and what defines you? Where is your identity lined up? Ask yourself these questions, and if you truly can’t find the answers, take a self journey. Begin doing more of what you love. Seek what sets your soul on fire. Once you know who you are, you will realize what you do and don’t deserve.

2. Be stingy with yourself.

Not everyone shares your vibe, and not everybody deserves your time and attention. This realization allows you to evaluate the people in your life. Our friendships are what help form us to be the person we are. Life has many seasons and not all people are meant to be in every season. Put yourself first in these situations. You don’t need to make choices based off on what others think. Put your goals and your dreams before others opinions. You come first to yourself before others. There will be haters and jealousy from people, but all that truly matters is you staying true to yourself. You don’t have to change, or be someone else for other people.

3. Glow up.

Wear the cute outfit. Do your hair. Work for the body you want. Wake up and do your makeup.It’s okay to feel beautiful without being conceited. You can do the things that make you feel beautiful. When you look good, you feel good. It’s simply embracing who you are. I feel that being insecure and hating who you are has become the norm in society. So now when someone does love themselves, it’s often misconstrued as pride or being conceited. You can stay humble but still love who you are! Know your worth and yourself. Have the glow up and embrace it. This glowup will be the display of your confidence. It will shine on others around you because now you can love yourself and be confidence.

Loving yourself and being confident is a journey. Drastic change does not happen overnight. Keep continuing in your walk with loving yourself daily. Keep growing. It may not always be easy, but it is worth it. Encourage your local girl/guy gang and support others around you. This world doesn’t need anymore self hatred and who we are is meant to be embraced, not hated. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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