A Reminder To Use Your Words For Good

use your words to spread joy
Sam Manns

Every single person you meet is facing something you know nothing about. As humans, our words are incredibly powerful. They are more powerful than we often think of them to be. A simple word of encouragement, compliment, or even a smile can change someone’s day. We need to give life as humans to each other. We are each given a platform to release life to every single individual we come into contact with. As humans, we should take up that platform. We should take advantage of those opportunities. You never know anyone fully. You don’t know what someone may need to hear.

We should radiate positivity and kindness in a world that more than anything, truly needs it.

I know that when I hear a compliment, or receive a smile from a stranger, I am instantly encouraged and my mood is brightened. I remember one time, when I was 14 years old. I was at Starbucks waiting in line. This older lady behind me was talking with another woman. I turned around just to look, I was just curious. This older woman caught me looking at her, and she said to me, “Oh my word, you are absolutely just gorgeous.” I blushed, and turned away smiling, while responding with a thank you. I was shocked. Why would a random stranger compliment me?

I remember every detail about the quick conversation. I remember her face, and how it looked so genuine. I remember her tone and how passionate she was, speaking truth over my life. I still remember those exact words till this day. In that moment, I felt so encouraged, special, and most importantly beautiful. She was a stranger, but she impacted my life in a real way. She didn’t know I needed to hear those words.

Our words are authentic, and they speak volumes.

Before I speak, I always ask myself these three questions:

Is it true?

Is it positive/uplifting?

Is it necessary?

A lot of what words are used for is unimportant. There is a lot of negativity, gossip, complaining, and hate in our culture. I think it is fair to say that there is more negativity than positivity used with words. As a culture, let’s shift our gaze off of this negativity, and spread kindness and positivity. People need it. They need to hear it. For all you know, you could be making their day, or perhaps even saving their life. Or maybe, it’s even just a compliment, but they will still remember it years later. Take the step of courage and speak out to someone today! Be bold and speak over someone you know, or perhaps don’t know.

You could change their life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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