To Learn Is To Grow, And Growing Is The Point Of Life

One of the most deflating feelings to our self worth and life paths is stagnancy. We can float through life as though we know enough, and for some, that is sufficient. Some of the greatest moments in our life revolve around learning something, no matter how small it may be. The light-bulb moments we all encounter when learning something new light up our lives with the hope that there is always more. That is why remaining stagnant can often feel dark, and lonely.

To learn is to grow. The taller our knowledge, the closer we are to the sun. Our lives must remain bright so that our minds can be bright as well. To assume that we know enough would be dim, because knowledge is the fuel that lights our minds, keeping us aware and alert.

As this concept applies to all things secular, it also applies to spiritual pursuit and personal growth, relationships, and self worth. A man may believe that he is educated beyond belief and is smarter than those around him, but only the truly great understand that isn’t the case. We have the opportunity to learn from each person we encounter, no matter age nor education. A sharp mind may be filled with experiences from it’s own life, but can not forget that other minds hold experiences his own will never encounter. Relationships help us learn not only through love and friendship, but through experiences and insights we could not see ourselves. Someone out there, right now is experiencing something you can’t even fathom, and to rule out the idea that you could potentially meet them and learn from them would keep you from learning and sparking that light in your mind. It is true that relationships and experiences with those you love are truly the greatest opportunities to thrive.

One of the problems with the society we live in today is our ability to lead others to believe that they know everything about us.

We are infinite.

We are unlike anyone else.

We often believe the common misconception that others are better than us. That they know more, have more to offer, and don’t need to hear what we have to say. With our actions, we sometimes cut off our ability to allow others to learn from us. We can do this by lowering our self worth, and baring our naked skin and allowing ourselves to become objects.

A man cannot learn from an object.

He can seek knowledge in the mystery of our secrets, of our pasts, even our potential futures can spark the mind and lead it to learn. 

We can’t forget that as much as we can learn from others, they can learn from us.

We are infinite.

On the idea of being infinite, we are also seeking something to believe in. When we believe in something, we are always looking to have reasons for our steadfast faith. We have been given minds that allow us to feel what we can’t see, and think with our hearts. No matter the religion or lack of religion, we are always looking for something to keep us progressing towards happiness. The best way we can help ourselves is to help others, and because of that, we are walking testaments of our beliefs for people to see. We don’t realize that when we believe in something, we have a light that can permeate through our complexions. With that light, we can light a fire in someone’s heart and never know it.

There have been light-bulb moments that came through the examples of those around us, we must strive to be around the people and things that influence us to see brighter, and be better.
Be better never the “best”, but the “best you” that you can be. You are not better than anybody else.

When we are humble, we are teachable, and when we are teachable we are able to absorb the light that comes from the minds around us. We can never stop learning from one another, from ourselves, from our pasts, from our hearts.

To admit that you know everything is to fail.

To humble yourself into the belief that you will never know everything is to succeed.

When you are humble, you are teachable.

When you are teachable, you never cease to learn.

To learn is to grow.

Growing is the point of life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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