Every Visionary Started With A Dream

Every Visionary Started With A Dream

“I have a dream.” Says every CEO at the beginning of their new adventure of a startup company.

The innovators and motivators of a new company catalyze the culture and vision of success for the organization. Understanding human behavior and strategy, these leaders motivate their colleagues to push towards the vision.

Working in startup culture is like learning to ride a bike for the first time. Your parents are beside you, imagining your success, and leading you in the direction of the vision while you keep balance and pressure on the pedals, allowing you to move forwards. Running a business can be as smooth as riding a bicycle after you’ve already nailed down the skills to keep pedaling.

The employees in a startup work together to maintain balance and speed, while the CEO and leaders cheer them on. Startup culture in our generation has changed everything, however, because of the way that we embrace pleasure and business. That whole “business won’t meet pleasure” phrase is outdated, because of the great benefits that come with business. Innovators, up to date office attire, freedom of creativity, and, hello MONEY.


Few things are better than being surrounded by creative people with the ability to act on their ideas. New projects, ideas, and organizations stimulate the people around them. Stimulated minds can come up with beautiful products and services that make money and fill gaps in their industries. Innovators are also the employees that rebel and find ways of doing things themselves. There is nothing more fun than working to pave a way into an industry with a little rebellion.

Up To Date Office Style

The employees who are willing to jump from the cushioned comfort of the pre-built and sturdy corporate life have a tendency to be the troublemakers of the world. They see things for the future instead of the present, and often times, they understand the latest styles and trends. People know how to present themselves in a way that says, “Remember the old way? So do we, but we’re elbowing it away so we can make room for the FUTURE. See this posh scarf and these sunglasses? They come from the future as well. Deal with it.” You are the company you keep, and if you work at a company that knows how to dress themselves, you start to learn how to dress yourself, allowing a new label to your closet called, “awesome.”


Freedom is a great plain for innovation and growth when it comes to startup culture. Employees don’t want to be stuck under a microscope to be monitored every second of the day, when they need to stay creative and enthusiastic. Startups notice the power of social media and staying updated on the news. Employees that are spreading news and buzz about a startup in their break time are networking into a win for the company.

New Money

After a new company starts, and people see the fun culture and an innovative avenue of business, and they want to be a part of it, which means they want to invest. Once a startup company starts to take off, the reward of seeing the growth and the benefits of earning money in the great leap of business is almost priceless. Startup organizations understand that true leadership inspires employees to enjoy performing their jobs, which makes them work harder, which makes the company and the employees more money. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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