There Are Interesting Things About Utah That Don’t Revolve Around Mormons

image - Bernard Gagnon
image – Bernard Gagnon

The initial thought when Utah enters a conversation: Mormons. Represented by pilgrims losing their families to travel across the country, a skewed Broadway musical, and missionaries with Books of Mormon walking around like it’s Disney’s Halloween town gone Latter Day Saints. The common misconceptions of this “square” state don’t usually include anything positive besides the Sundance Film Festival and Skiing, which are commonly overshadowed by other states like Colorado or Idaho. 

Contrary to popular belief, there are jaw-dropping occurrences in this state that come in the multitudes.

Utah is a state where the residents not only strive to be good citizens and individuals; they look for opportunities to help others with no intention to receive anything in return for their good works. The works of the class of people that live in Utah have proven to pay forward into other states, countries, and hearts. The people in Utah will come to your house in the middle of the night if you call because you’re scared, sick, or lonely. Dinners are frequently given to neighbors, friends, and strangers because it’s the right thing to do. Instead of living in a town where theft is common and violence is prominent, the “lost and found” is full, and they treat each other as brothers and sisters. Good works, and integrity are prominent. 

image - Ken Lund
image – Ken Lund

The most beautiful people in the world can be found in the streets of Utah. Cleanliness is beautiful. Simplicity and health run deep due to the absence of addictive substances and foods. Respect not only for one another, but for themselves. From the age of three, the people in the state are taught to consider themselves “sunbeams”, to be honest, true, chaste, benevolent, and virtuous in order to live the lives that can ultimately make them the happiest. The men respect the women, the women respect themselves, and by respecting yourself and loving yourself, the sun beams through you.

In Utah, it is perfectly acceptable to stand in front of the multitudes each month and cry about anything you want without any judgment. The women have better family lives because they get to attend a society for relief with each other every week while their children are taken care of. The men are able to see how strong their wives are with the families, and the women are able to support their husbands in all that they do because they play different roles in the family. 

With the absence of pre-marital sex, alcohol, and drugs, the people in Utah are able to strengthen their homes and families with the surplus of family activities, support from the community, and something to believe in.

Instead of smothering children with trust funds and worldly items, families are given the opportunity to learn about finance and are able (but not forced) to donate to the futures of their children in the schools they want to attend, and the community.

image - Jake Gordon
image – Jake Gordon

There is beauty all around in Utah. When you walk out into the street, you can look around and honestly believe that the scenery is a backdrop because of the breathtaking qualities in it. There are infinite activities to do in Utah including hiking, skiing, swimming, camping, shopping, spending time with your family, and other activities that would deem “stupid” or “lame” every where else (ultimate Frisbee, and dessert parties).

When considering places to live, we all want to choose the happiest option for our families and ourselves. The qualities held by Utah and the people in it are strong and steadfast. To live in Utah is not smothering, awful, or in any way similar to “Halloween town”. Utah is a place in which you have the peace in knowing that nobody stole your iPad when you went to grab your food at the local McDonalds, you don’t have to second guess the intentions or covet your neighbors, and you have the opportunity to be a sun beam. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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