The Goodbyes Were Always Going To Be Mediocre


This is it; you’ve come to an end. You’ve been here for some time in this place, with the same people in your presence. The time has come that you finally pulled the cloak away from your eyes, and spotted something begging you to chase it in the distance. Some call it potential, some call it “happiness” or work. What it really means is moving on.

It’s not that what you had here wasn’t special, but Columbus heard of something magnificent and it wasn’t labeled “a cowardice new world”. Each new world requires bravery. Not that you haven’t been progressing here, you’ve just been stuck in one place running and running and sweating profusely only to look down and see that you’ve been on a treadmill this whole time. A profanity softly crosses your lips as you exhale. What have you been doing? Maybe you loved where you were, because love is a lobotomy that blinds you into ignorance. You know that deep down in your subconscious, you wouldn’t be thinking about the “what if” in the distance if you wanted to stay where you are.

“But it’s starting over, when I have so much here” – the devil on your shoulder whispers to your esteem. You feel vulnerable when you step off the treadmill life you’ve been living. For the first time in a long time there are obstacles and adversity in your path. You look down and see the new path you’re about to take. Is it bumpy? Good. Easy is as easy does, and you feel the hunger for substance; a challenge is precisely what you wanted for dinner this whole time.

Your true friends will tell you to go. They’ll cry that they’ll miss you. They know that they wish they had the courage to move forward as you do. They’ll be there when you get back, eager to hear about your success without envy. Your enemies will mumble under their breath that they never liked you anyways, that they could do better in your position. Craven of them to say when they’re content being mediocre.

Don’t step on top of the people behind you to get to where you’re going. The top is a figurative place, and those who pretend to be on it look down on everyone else. The top is lonely. Intelligent beings want what’s best for them as an individual. To strive for validation based on comparing yourself against others is silly. Love those that you’re leaving, they are a part of your past now. They helped you to be where you are regardless of the circumstances with your relationships.

You look up and see that thing in the distance waving its arms, singing your praise, waiting for you to arrive and succeed.

You take a step forward.

The air tastes different.

Don’t waver in your endeavor; change is fresh for all.

Take another step. Look behind you.

There they are, folding their arms and smiling you goodbye. This goodbye is quite mediocre, really. Most of them have already gone back to their routine and forgotten you.

Look forward.

Run. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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