Is Tinder Really That Bad?

Apple Store / Tinder
Apple App Store / Tinder

People often ask me what I mean when I say I’ve conquered every side of Tinder. What I mean is that I’ve experienced almost everything that Tinder has to offer; I’ve had casual sex, pointless conversations that lead nowhere, dated, made genuine best friends and met some absolute fuckboys.

I accidentally slept with someone who was engaged. I got physically assaulted during sex. I accidentally slept with someone who once dated my older sister. I had horrible sex in the car park of a government building. I was told by a guy that my height killed his boner. I’ve faked emergencies to get out of horrible coffee dates. And this is honestly the tiniest insight into my Tinder experiences.

But you know what? It hasn’t all been bad. As I mentioned earlier, I met my two best friends on Tinder and now I can’t imagine my life without either of them. I’ve had a lot of fun doing stupid stuff with strangers. I’ve sat in my car with people for hours on end and learned their entire life stories. I’ve met a lot of lovely people, and I’ve learned a lot about myself.

When people learn you’re on Tinder, they often ask how the hell you can deal with the people on there. My answer is always the same, it’s really not that bad. Honestly. Despite all the horrible experiences I’ve had, I’ve persevered and had just as many good ones.

The key to Tinder is to not have a plan. Don’t go on there looking for a relationship, but don’t entirely rule one out as soon as you start. Just be open to the experience, be open to what this new advance in ‘dating’ has to offer you, because you’re the generation that can experience it. Just embrace the stupidity, laugh at the horrible pick up lines and find yourself whilst you find some casual sex. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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