6 Types Of People You Just Can’t Trust

1. A person with one favorite song.

You mean to tell me that of the thousands of songs you’ve heard in your lifetime, you can pick exactly one that claims your heart? I don’t buy it. Musical taste changes and life happens and sticking to one song shows either a fear of change or close mindedness.

2. A person that loved middle school.

No one, and I mean no one, should be able to say they loved middle school. Middle school was all about “finding yourself” and “preparing for high school,” which is all a ploy to cover the fact that everyone was a hot mess. Those preteen years of emo hair and colored skinny jeans shouldn’t have a special place in your heart, all evidence of such memories should be burned and forgotten.

3. A person that doesn’t like pop music.

I’m not saying you have to load up your Spotify playlist with Katy Perry and the Biebs, but everyone can enjoy a good dance session to I Love It. While I sincerely hope your music taste stretches beyond the mainstream radio playlist, I refuse to acknowledge anyone’s distaste for pop music. It’s a guilty pleasure everyone has and no one is too good for. Put the mandolin away for a second and jam to the synth.

4. A person that refuses to watch romantic comedies.

So, The Wedding Planner isn’t the best piece of cinematography to grace the world. Big deal. But why does that give people the idea that it isn’t wonderful? I’m all about the thrillers and dramas, but sometimes you just need to sit down with a sappy, predictable storyline and enjoy the simplicity of boy meets girl, girl falls for boy, boy and girl can’t be together, boy and girl get together anyway. It’s like math: no one likes the work that goes into solving the formula, but the formula always give you the answer.

5. A person that doesn’t like ice cream.


6. A person that tells you who to be.

You are you, they are not. They have no right to tell you who to be, how to act, what to say, or who to love. Don’t trust them. They are only trying to change you, probably because they want to level the playing field and you’re clearly out of their league. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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