If Tuesdays Were A Color They Would Be Orange


My eyes imagined you twice today
I discovered even mirages of you
Ignite my heart to transcend body too
And I’ve been wondering a lot of you
Not the soul-explosive, introvert my spewing throat way
Ideas of you once could
But in

(If Tuesdays were a color they would be orange and if you were a fruit you would be tangerine
and how we exchanged names like newly unlocked secrets, like fueling fire, on a Tuesday you
didn’t save, on a Tuesday I contained, and how I sped through my poems in bed never disclosing
the visions mused in my head moments after
you said
you read
my writing
how I dreamed you in my living room
how there you real-life glowed in my living room
how here I am caught up ablaze in my bedroom
thinking of how if only I could teach myself to sing out like scratchy textures on once smooth
lighters, like a burned out mind, like two fire signs, like a definitely more than okay lover who
maybe could not
my love)

a way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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