The Best Kind Of Love Will Be The Love You Never Expected

The Best Kind Of Love Will Be The Love You Never Expected
Elizabeth Tsung

For years I’ve searched for someone I could finally call mine. For those years I constantly found myself disappointed. My life was an endless cycle of unanswered text messages, drunken kisses, and meaningless hook ups. I was constantly trying so hard to be with people who just simply weren’t worth my time. I expected too much too soon, and I broke my own heart repeatedly. I never thought that a night full of cheesy nachos and cheesy puns would have such an impact on my life. You walked into my life one cold, Thursday night and now I could never imagine you not being in my life. For years my best friend always told me that love would come into my life when

I stopped looking for it, I never believed her until I met you.

With you, everything is different.

I don’t question anything anymore. I’m not afraid of getting hurt or telling you exactly what’s on my mind. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable with you. But, you do the same with me. You’re not afraid to show your emotional side which is something I love about you. I’m not scared of the future anymore because I know that you will be right by my side. I never need reassurance that you’re not going to leave, because I know that you’re all in just like I am. We’re alike in so many ways yet we still have our differences. We both have crazy pasts that have hurt us and helped us, and we don’t judge each other based on our past.

From the first day I met you, I instantly knew you were the one for me. No questions asked. Thank you for always being kind, making me laugh, keeping me warm, and protecting me. The best love is the love that ultimately changes your life. It doesn’t hurt you, it challenges you though. It makes you want to be the best version of yourself. The best love is the love where you can be yourself, where you can be silly together, serious together, and when you go out of your way just to put a smile on their face.

The best kind of love is the love you never expected. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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