You Can’t Keep Worrying About Every Little Thing

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As human beings we’re constantly worried about everyone — except for ourselves. Instead of focusing on ourselves, we want what other people have and we want to be like everyone else.

We want the same shoes as someone else, the same car as someone else, a relationship like someone else has. We take for granted what we already have.

I know this because I do this all the time. I’m always worried about everyone else except me, but now I’ve finally learned to appreciate what’s right in front of me.

One thing I always wanted was a relationship. I see everybody so happy with their significant other. Everyone’s getting engaged and married — yet here I am, still single.

I used to think this was a bad thing, but now I realize it really isn’t. Sure, all those other couples are happy, but I’m happy too.

I’m happy because I get to wait and find a man who will treat me exactly how I want to be treated. He will make me realize that I spent way too much time on guys who frankly didn’t give a crap about me. That’s something worth waiting for.

All of our lives are planned out differently. We’re all going to find someone for us at different times in our lives, maybe when we’re 17, maybe when we’re 24, or maybe when we’re 30, nobody really knows.

I was always worried about materialistic items. Someone has a nicer car than me or better shoes or a cute dress. I learned that it’s okay to be jealous of what other people have, that’s normal, but look at all the things you own that other people might be jealous of.

Sure, someone might have a nicer car than you, but some people don’t have a car at all. Sure, you might have a huge collection of nice shoes, but some people only have one pair, and they’re falling apart with holes in them. Someone might have a really cute dress, but some people can’t afford to buy a new dress.

We always worry about what other people look like. What color their eyes or hair are, how skinny or muscular they are, how tan they are — instead of realizing that we were blessed with a body of our own, which is unique in every way.

If we all looked the same that would just be a little creepy. Don’t go dye your hair or get colored contacts. Don’t get plastic surgery or anything that will ultimately change the features that you were blessed with.

Don’t go tanning just because people tell you that you’re too pale — embrace your pale skin. And don’t get a boob job just because people make fun of you for having really small boobs.

Honestly, we should all feel blessed with the lives we were given. Sure, we go through hard times and things don’t always turn out like we planned. People walk into and out of our lives for reasons we will sometimes never know.

But those people that are put into our lives are there for a reason. To help us learn and grow. So sometimes bad things will happen, like a bad breakup, or getting a flat tire, or losing a job. But those things are temporary.

I think that for the time being, we should all take the time to reflect on our lives and all the great things we have been blessed with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

Just your average college kid attempting to look like I have my life together.

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