12 Things Girls Think About During Sex


1. What the hell is he doing? Does he think I like this? Time to take over

2. Pleaseee don’t finish, this is too amazing to stop right now.

3. Why isn’t he making any sounds? I can’t tell if he’s bored or just really focused.

4. Wait, am I going to cum or is that just a rush of excitement that will pass?

5. Woah, rein in the tongue buddy.

6. Am I being too aggressive?

7. Would it sound weird if I told him to pull my hair? Because he needs to put some aggression into this bitch.

8. Charlie Horse! Just finish, get off him and play it off girl!

9. No I don’t want to switch into a different position again. This is perfect and I’d like for you to get me off at some point today.

10. Ew, don’t say I love you right now. It kills my mood.

11. Okay, finish already, it’s just not gonna happen this time.

12. I’m so hungry! Should I have pizza or sushi after this? Definitely pizza! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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