5 Common Misconceptions About Girls Who Love To Swear

To the girls who love to swear, I think you’re all fucking awesome.

You’re all fierce, feisty, and definitely do not put up with anyone’s bullshit.

I myself am also a girl who loves to swear, so I guess that makes us similar. I guess that all makes us part of a top secret girl group that refuses to acknowledge the oh-so many stereotypes and misconceptions of girls who love to drop an F bomb.

1. We’re unprofessional.

I call bullshit. Swearing doesn’t automatically deem you unprofessional. In fact, I believe it shows that it makes us leaders who have strong voices and strong opinions. Leaders who don’t give a fuck about what others think of them. We recognize that there is a time and place to employ swear words. The last thing we would want to do is make anyone feel uncomfortable.

2. We want to be cool and a “bro.”

I’m a bro if I curse, and I’m a bro if don’t. Growing up, I tended to befriend boys, and not once did I ever think that swear words played an active role in our friendships. Not once did I ever think that if I cursed, I’d be magically sexier, cooler or a better friend. Words are words. Words, specifically curse words, do not belong solely to men. In fact, there’s nothing masculine about cuss words. No ifs, ands, or gender bias about it. 

3. We have a poor vocabulary.

Swearing doesn’t reflect our lexicon. Highly intelligent indiviuals curse all the fucking time. In text messages, I employ slang terms such as LOL and OMG. Does this mean I have a poor vocabulary too? Neither does cursing.

4. We want attention.

I don’t understand how people believe that we want attention for just being in our natural states. To be honest, I’d feel weird if I didn’t throw in a curse word while telling a funny story or in conversation with friends; it’d be unnatural. Girls who curse aren’t attention hogs. In fact, I think speak for the group when I say please, oh please, direct your attention elsewhere. 

5. We’re “un-lady like.”

Two of my favorite quotes: “You cuss like a truck driver” and “You’re never going to find a man with that kind of mouth.” I think of cursing like a day to nighttime look. I can drink tea with my pinky finger up during the daytime and can curse as much as I want with a group of girlfriends at night. And of course, still wear the same outfit. 

Girls swear. Get the fuck over it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark