Your Guy Is Definitely A Keeper If He Does These 10 Things

couple hugging inside house
Candice Waldeck / Unsplash

If you’ve found yourself a keeper, hold on to him and love him and cherish every moment with him, the good and the bad. You were right not to settle until you found him.

1. He makes you happy: He makes you so happy. The kind of happy that you didn’t even know was possible. And no, not that temporary happiness shit. I’m not talking a rollercoaster ride or a seven-day fun-filled vacation to Disney World. I mean the kind of happy that lasts a long time. The kind of happy that last forever. The kind of happy that makes laugh and smile all the fucking time. The genuine, and happy kind of happy. Yes. That kind of happy.

2. He’s your best friend: He’s the first person you want to text about every little fucking thing: parking tickets, homework assignments, even shoelaces. You get the point. You want to update him with every detail of your life, every second of your day. You feel weird if you don’t talk to him for a few hours.

3. He’s interested in your life: He asks questions about school and work. He takes the time to listen to what you have to say. And even better, he remembers the things that you say.

4. He introduces you to his friends: He wants you to be boys with his boys. The bro bond is sacred. That’s some real shit. Should I even go on?

5. He goes out of his way for you: He does more than just little things like holding the door for you. Even if he’s got a lot of on his plate whether it be work or school, he makes sure that you are a priority.

6. He hurts when you hurt: When you are going through a rough time, he listens and comforts you. He never judges you, even when you are in the wrong. Despite the troubling circumstances you may be currently facing, he only wants to make you happy.

7. He accepts your meltdowns: Welp, meltdowns are a part of life. Quite inevitable to say the least. He realizes that you have to express all of these bottled up emotions, so he doesn’t try to stop you. He listens. And he doesn’t run away when the crazy comes out.

8. He’s genuinely happy when something good happens to you: He is happy when you’re happy. He’s proud of what you have accomplished. He’s glad that you share exciting news with him, it brings you two closer together.

9. He fights with you: If he didn’t fight with you, I’d be concerned. He fights because he cares. The fight may last an hour. Or it might last a week. But, he never stops caring about you. 

10. He laughs at your jokes… even when they aren’t funny: Of course, the best for last. A guy who laughs at an awful joke is definitely a keeper. And trust me, I am the queen of awful jokes. TC mark

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