Sorry But You Need To Accept That You Cannot Control Everything

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Right or left?

Left or right?

Sometimes things are out of our control: Traffic, the card we pick from a deck, even the weather. As much as we want to control these things, it’s physically impossible.

As much as we want the power to control simply everything that happens around us, it’s physically impossible.

Look at it this way:

While playing a board game, you have to roll the dice. There’s no way of controlling what number the dice lands on. You do, however, get to pick the direction in which you advance your game piece. Make sense? Although you can’t control everything that happens in the game, you can attempt to make small steps towards mild control in the form of strategizing. If you go right, there’s a chance that you will have to pay your competitors fifty dollars each…blah blah blah. But, if you move left, then you will avoid this unwanted debt…yada yada yada. You get the point I’m trying to make here.

And, I’m sure you already guessed it.

That whole board game analogy, just another way of saying that it’s scary not having the power to control everything that happens in our lives.

The more control we have, the less life hurts.

Relationships. School. Love.

I want control. I want all the control.

Okay. Yeah. I know this will never be possible. But, a girl can dream, right?

So, I guess the overall point that I am trying to make here is that I’m a control freak. Haha. I’m just kidding (I really hope that made you laugh). In all seriousness- control is something we want, but we can’t have. And it’s just one of those tragic facts of life that we need to accept. As much as we try to guide things in one direction, often, if not most of the time, the endgame is in the hands of some supernatural force. So, close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And repeat after me:

I cannot control everything.

Say it again.

I cannot control everything.

You can’t control if your crush has feelings for you. Or the day you receive a pop quiz in class. You can’t control if you’re stuck in standstill traffic. And you by no means can control the number you roll on a dice.

Accept it. Make peace with it.

Oh, yeah. You can open your eyes now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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