This Is The Art Of Faking Confidence

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Josh Hild / Unsplash

Welcome to the land of make believe.

You can be anybody you want to be.

You can do anything you want to do.

You can make it a reality.

My 11th grade English teacher always said to me, “Mackenzie you have to fake it till you make it.” Initially, she began to say this phrase because I was timid. I never voiced my opinion in the discussion based class. Although she didn’t come right out and say it, she wanted me to fake my confidence not just around my peers, but in everyday life. She hoped that if I faked it long enough, one day I wouldn’t have to pretend anymore.

So yeah, I was a little offended. But, I knew she had my best interest in mind. She saw in me what others never did before: potential.

Everyday I started to talk a little more. I started to challenge opposing literary perspectives. I was scared at first, but overtime it became natural.

That one phrase I heard for 180 days straight changed me. It became a part of me. It inspired me. It created my reality.

In the glorious land of make believe, anything is possible. It’s like when a child plays a game of dress up. The little girl prances around her house with layers on makeup on her face, a tiara on her head, and a magical wand in her hand. Her costume cloaks her from the real world. It gives her superpowers. She is invincible.

But, before you go searching for your old princess dresses, let me wrap this piece up.

Life is full of new adventures and experiences. Scary new adventures and experiences. But, you have to put yourself out there. Project your voice loud and clear. Make your name known.

So sure, faking your confidence might not be the right answer, but it’s the ONLY answer. It’s the only way to survive. Roll with the make believe until it’s a reality. Fake it till you make it.

Your confidence will come when you’re ready. TC mark

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