Reminder: Awful Things Do Not Make You An Awful Person

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Hi, my name is Mackenzie and I lie. I lie to the people who I care about.

I pick fights with my loved ones when I feel empty inside. I make the people who matter the most feel like complete shit when I am insecure. I send 3am texts when I feel lonely when I want to feel anything but loneliness. I have meltdowns. Immature and irrational meltdowns in public places. I’m selfish. I am so selfish. I’m greedy. I’m an occasional asshole. Sometimes a raging bitch. And to top it all of, every now and then, I run red lights.

But, I’m not a bad person. Oh yeah…it’s nice to meet you. 

Now, let’s set one thing straight:

Bad things do not make you a bad person. The most awful things do not make you an awful person.

Sometimes it’s the only way to survive.


Make as many fucking mistakes as you want because they do not define you. You’re not destined for a life of bad karma just because you occasionally fuck up. It’s human nature to make mistakes. So, embrace it. Let your mistakes help you become the best possible version of yourself.

Put yourself first. Fight for what you want. Set goals and dream big. Do not let any obstacle get in your way. No one is going to judge you for going after what you want, they’ll admire you.

Make bad decisions. But, never, ever live with regret. I’ve been in situations where I can’t tell the difference between good and bad. When my heart is screaming YES, GO FOR IT, DO IT NOW. And my brain is blinking NO, NO ABORT MISSION in neon lights. Forks in the road are frequent. Follow whatever feels right.

Never convince yourself that you’re a bad person.

I know I always say this, but everything happens for a fucking reason. Mistakes are meant to be. And bad decisions, yeah they’re scary, but they just might be life-changing. So if you’re ever feeling like an awful person, look in the mirror and snap out of it. These bad things do not define your worth.

You are an amazing and beautiful person with a heart of gold. You deserve happiness and self-love.

**Drops mic.** Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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