Some Thoughts On Fear

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Fear. It’s something that lives in all of us, no matter who we are. It can consume our days and thoughts, while on the contrary push us to work harder than we ever have.

We fear the unknown for its namesake—because we don’t know and won’t until we do or try or say what our hearts are telling us to.

We fear leaving our comfort zones and being exposed to something new. Having to start over. Because starting over, quite frankly, is a lot of work. And just the idea of it can be so daunting that it makes us go back to familiarity faster than when we decided to leave it.

Dreams are feared of never coming true, and if they do come true. If you continuously work towards achieving them and nothing comes of it, then why did you bother? But if your dreams do come true, what happens next? Where do you go when you’ve made it to the top?

I’m not sure what is more feared—falling in love or falling out of it. Love, or the potential for love, is what gets us out of bed in the morning. But losing it is what makes us never want to leave it. Love is complicated and scary yet gives this dysfunctional life we are all living more meaning than anything else out there.

Whatever it is, we talk about fear like it’s something to avoid, or never admit to when you feel it. And rightfully so, considering the crippling effect it can have on one’s livelihood.

But, fear can also be a good thing. If we didn’t have anything to fear, then there wouldn’t be that fire in us to keep going or to prove the world and yourself wrong. There would never be that resulting satisfaction of overcoming what you thought you’d never accomplish or get over.

More importantly, if there is nothing to fear then we have nothing to lose.

If we have nothing to lose, then what the hell are we doing? TC mark

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