You Are Perfection, And You Deserve Your Perfect Ending


Someone once told me that ‘if he would rather choose ten pennies, then he’s not worth the dime.’ At first I didn’t think much of it, because at the end of the day both coins amount to the same price.

But then again, wouldn’t you rather carry around one shiny, singular dime than have to juggle ten nuisance-inducing pennies in your pocket? The less change the better, am I right?

Realistically, this article isn’t about money (sorry if this actually disappoints anyone.) It’s about people choosing to have more ‘options’ than just one good one in their life.

More than likely we have all felt like the penny once or twice in our lives by our past or present significant others, stupidly ending up competing for a spot in their lives. We become so blinded by it all that we forget to ask ourselves: for what reason, and at what cost?

There’s a fine line between fighting for what you want and fighting for attention.

If you have to try too hard for it, then chances are whoever they are isn’t actually worth it to begin with.

Sometimes, no matter how much you effort or how great of a person you are, the one who you are trying to prove yourself to will never see it. Maybe it’s bad timing, maybe it’s idiocy on their part. Regardless, whether it takes you a couple weeks or even years, you will realize that it’s more than likely a waste of your time.

So, my advice? Take back the narrative.

You, and only you, have the power to change who you are or your life. You don’t have to be the sad, pathetic girl who tells the same sob story to her friends about the same moronic guy, or the person who just accepts the wrong kind of attention from someone that will forever be blind to everything good he or she has right at their fingertips.

Instead, be the one who knows what they truly want out of someone, and doesn’t settle on an uneven foundation. If you feel like you are one of potentially ten pennies, leave. Trust your instinct.

Being a penny ultimately doesn’t get you very far, anyway (realistically it’s everyone’s least favorite coin—just saying.) One day, you will find someone who sees you for the perfect dime that you are—no matter how long it takes, wait for it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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