7 Spontaneous Things Every Wandlerlust Soul Desires

Flickr / Moyan Brenn
Flickr / Moyan Brenn

Wanderlust is defined as a strong impulse or desire to travel and explore the world. People who have wanderlust consistently choose the off-beaten path and strive to fill their lives with adventures and stories from abroad. So when you come across one, know that these are some of the things that wanderlust souls desire:

1. A place to call home for a couple days…or weeks…or months….or years.

As long as they are traveling and exploring, they are happy. Wanderlust souls don’t have to travel for a significantly long period of time. They just seek to find joy and solace in the place that they

2. An urge to leave a memento or keepsake to signify that they were there.

In every place they go to, they leave a piece of themselves there. It’s a piece that will remind themselves of the fact that they had these experiences and memories here. And that, yes, the experience did indeed happen.

3. Time to get away.

They are always searching for that next vacation, that next holiday when they can just go pack up and leave their comfort zone behind. They thrive on getting lost in the moment. They travel for fun, for the excitement and thrill of it, not for luxury or for the pictures. Because when they travel, it’s worry-free. They don’t have to worry about the next assignment, project, or promotion. They live in the moment.

4. To soak in the grandeur of the world’s cultures.

They live to explore, and to never stop exploring. That’s the core and essence of wanderlust souls. They know that every culture is significant and meaningful, and that’s what they love. People who travel strive to find this meaning, and they see it in every museum, temple, archeological site, and food they encounter.

5. To find that one stranger who will befriend them and bless them with kindness.

Even when they are in a new country, wanderlust souls are secretly hoping that one day, regardless of language barrier, a kind stranger will help them and try to strike a conversation with them.

6. The impulse to get lost and find their way back again.

The best part is getting lost in a new place. The pure thrill they get from wandering around foreign streets and signs is what gives them a new adventure. And along the way, they find that little restaurant they will hope to come back to, or that little handicrafts store that caught their eye. It’s the possibility of getting lost in a foreign place that creates their itch for wandering.

7. To never stop traveling.

Even when it seems like there are no more countries that they could possibly go to, wanderlust souls will go back to a place they’ve already been, hoping for a new adventure and new memories. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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