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Here’s Why You Missed The Scariest Part Of ‘It Follows’

'It Follows' Movie Analysis

Inspired by a nightmare director David Robert Mitchell had — wherein he was being chased by a slow but unstoppable force — “It Follows” captures the terror of inescapable doom. Obviously, whatever IT is, the monster is spooky in more ways than one. But is that all? Is the monster — the IT — the scariest part of the movie?

10 Horror Novels or Collections You Need To Add To Your Must-Read List

I fondly remember spending my summers on the deck by our pool, reading about Derry and Christine and the Overlook Hotel. A lot of the material went over my head — rereading The Shining at age 27 VS age 9 was quite an experience — but the King of Horror had firmly planted the seed for me to wildly enjoy both reading and scary stuff.

14 Surprisingly Good Horror Movies You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now

Barring the terrifying less-that-one-stars that are prevalent throughout the category, I dabble in most of what Netflix has to offer in horror. And you know what? There are some real gems hiding out there! So that’s why I gathered them all here in a neat little pile — so you don’t have to search endlessly for a decent horror flick.

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