Only One Of The Teasers You Saw For ‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Is Real. Which One Is It?

American Horror Story
American Horror Story

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again: Ryan Murphy is the king of lies.

I mean this in a fun way (sort of) because whether it’s leaking details of a plot line that never emerges or exaggerating the importance of random musical numbers, Murphy continues to spend each season of “American Horror Story” keeping us on our toes — and the mysterious season 6 is no different.

I’ve analyzed the details we know about season 6, speculated about shots from the set, and even found a Twitter account claiming to know intimate details about the season.

Now, from FX’s own CEO John Landgraf, we know some morsel of truth… but not much. According to Indiewire:

“We decided, Ryan and I and [marketing president] Stephanie Gibbons, that it would be really fun this year… to keep it a mystery,” he said. “There is a theme and a setting and a place and time, but we’re not going to reveal it.”

It turns out the marketing team made multiple teasers for the “hypothetical themes” this season. The catch? “One is accurate; all the rest are misdirect,” said Landgraf.

All. The. Rest. Are. MISDIRECT.

RYAN MURPHY!!!! (shakes fist at the sky)

So here they are again for your viewing pleasure. Which theme do you think will be the reigning champion of season 6? My bet, personally, is on the family with the glowing eyes walking at sunset, AKA “Step by step.” Only time (and September) will tell!

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