25 Instagram Photos Of Gorgeous, OBVIOUSLY Haunted Houses


What is it about spooky old houses that draw us in? That make us want to explore even though every instinct should be telling us to run? Here are 25 gorgeous, obviously haunted houses. Which one would you love to venture inside?

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Our local #hauntedhouse

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I suspect everyone secretly has one house that they dream of owning and fixing up. This is mine. She looks like a haunted house, I know, but she has good bones and an enormous overgrown garden in the back, where I will grow roses and heirloom vegetables and shady trees, and train honeysuckle over the fence. I'm pretty sure that with big dreams and elbow grease (ok and more money than I happen to have) I could make this old home beautiful again, and fill it with love and my children's laughter. Do you have a house you dream about? If you want to play along, use the tag #dreamfixerupper so I can see yours! . . . . . #fixerupper #house #home #dreamhouse #wishitwasmine #renovatorsdream #reno #myplace #hauntedhouse #justneedslove #spitandpolish #lonelyhouses #building #melbourne #carltonnorth #innernorth

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