Read This If You Are Dealing With A Broken Heart

Instagram, elliftheawrtist
Instagram, elliftheawrtist

It feels like your insides are on the outside
and you’re drowning in your own blood.
Everything is too loud,
too bright,
too much.
You want to die
but you don’t
and each breath becomes a trial.

It feels like you’ve lost your mind.
You cry, you scream,
you make a spectacle of yourself.
You’re embarrassed,
you’re embarrassing.
The tears on your face
are drying
and you have no more left.

It feels like you’re walking on glass
in your bare feet
and there are so many miles left to go.
There is a fork in the road;
one leads to a pit
and the other to a cliff.
You consider both
but it doesn’t much matter.
Either way
you’re throwing yourself into a void.

It feels like you’ve been robbed of something.
You desperately need comfort
but you sought comfort in his arms
and they are the last place
you want to be.

It feels like the end.

And then
it feels like
you’re ready to fight back.

It feels like you could shoot fire
from your fingers.
Your anger, sadness, despair
become flames
and fuel you to be
To feel

It feels like your heart has been broken
but you cauterized the wound
with your own inferno
and now the world can see you burning,
a blazing glow on every horizon.

It feels like, right now, this is impossible
or too far away to make you feel
But you will heal your broken heart
when you realize
you are so much more than that:
a sad, broken heart,
crushed by the careless hands
of someone you once loved.

You are so much more than that
and you will heal
and you will feel

Now go
and burn down
all the walls standing in your way.
I can do it.
I know you can too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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