Fact or Fiction? 13 People Share Their Creepiest, Most Unsettling Tales

Flickr, Wes Bryant
Flickr, Wes Bryant
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When I was a kid I went to a small elementary school in Los Angeles. In an area most people outside of L.A. would call “ghetto”. It’s not, but whatever. One of the main rooms where we all learned/played had a huge window. It was a wall to wall, floor to ceiling window. Across the street was a building that I don’t remember anyone ever walking in or out of, and next to it a liquor store.

One day me (7 or 8), my younger sister (5 or 6), and a room full of children were playing around. I was playing marbles or pogs, I sincerely can’t remember. I looked up from my game and saw a guy walking with a girl and another girl quickly approaching them. I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but you could see the anger from the woman who was alone being directed at the man and woman walking together. I’m not sure what words were exchanged, but the man waved her off and attempted to continue walking on. The girl stop him from moving on and then struck him.

He pulled out a gun and blew the back of her head out. It was the first time I saw someone killed (unfortunately, it wasn’t the last). The teachers swarmed into the room and put us all on the floor. But, I couldn’t stop seeing it. Over and over. The back of her head exploding and becoming a red something I’d never seen. Her body falling to the floor. The guy running away. The other girl looked like she was screaming.

It was surreal. Almost like it didn’t happen. I can still see it happening. I can’t recall anything else about that day or the fallout of it.

I’m being 100% honest.



My mother worked as a nurse during the night shift at a hospital in Sydney. She said the other nurses who’d been there a while would tell stories about mysterious unexplained events during the night shift like things disappearing or people in comas sitting bolt upright and talking to the nurses fit a few seconds before returning to their comatose state.

She thought it was all bullshit until one night she saw an elderly patient who’d been bedridden for months walking purposefully past her door towards the elevators. She called her name and jumped up to check on her but she wasn’t there. She and a colleague checked on the patients room to find she had passed away only moments before. My mum’s not easily shaken, she was mostly just intrigued.



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