My Clairvoyant Friend And I Are Digging Deep Into The Mystery Of ‘Making A Murderer’

The following is purely speculation and in no way should be considered concrete facts unless future evidence proves otherwise. Spoilers ahead for “Making A Murderer.”

When I finished the Netflix documentary series “Making A Murderer” my first thought — like many of you, I’m sure — was WHAT THE HOLY HELL. After that, my second thought was WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO TERESA HALBACH?! Then after a few calming breaths, I thought I NEED TO TEXT AMY RIGHT NOW.

For those of you who don’t know, Amy (also called The Closet Clairvoyant) is, in my opinion, a very talented medium. I have worked on several “cases” with her so far, wherein I do the research and she does the reading. It usually consists of me sending her pictures of people, items, or locations, and she “reads” their energies to share information with me. Until now, I haven’t had a case that I felt required as much attention to detail — or that would be the most ideal to share with the world.

But as “Making A Murderer” came to a close with about as many loose ends as the scarf I bought in high school yet refuse to throw out because ~memories~, I realized this was something Amy had to see.

However, seeing as it’s such a smash hit, I worried Amy might have already watched the series and been tainted, as she calls it. (Amy, a true professional, insists on going into these cases with as little knowledge as possible, preferably none.) Lucky for me, holidays had delayed her from binge-watching like I had. And thus, the case was on.

This is an ongoing “investigation”, if you will. As we begin there will be information that is, clearly, available in the series itself. I’m sure some skeptics will cry “She just watched the show, that’s how she knows!” I take Amy at her word — and hopefully, you will too as we dive deeper into the rabbit hole. (I have also instructed her not to read these pieces as they are released, and she emphatically agreed.)

Up front, the information Amy discovers is typically fairly basic — relationships, roles, etc. These are the things that are easily discovered by watching the show. But then we’ll get to the heart of things, and both Amy and I sincerely hope the case will be reopened and examined again… because they may prove these readings to be true.

That being said, let’s begin. I started by sending Amy a photo of:

Teresa Halbach


Teresa is MAM’s victim, a photographer who was last seen at the Avery residence. This was Amy’s response via text:

First thing I get is she was “at the wrong place at the wrong time.” Her death was awful, moreso for the time/torture aspect of it. I see so many people involved. At least five. There are two men who took her from somewhere. It looks rural and maybe like a beat-up trailer home or something. There is junk in the yard around it. Like country folk.

That line “at the wrong place at the wrong time” gives me chills. I think that’s the perfect way to phrase it. If you don’t believe that Steven Avery killed Teresa, as I don’t, I think it had to be someone who nabbed her on the way off the Avery property. Which, by the way, is basically what Amy describes. Rural, trailer park, junk. Nail on the head.

Then… where the torture comes in… I see her tied up and duct tape on her mouth. There literally are at least three other older men standing there “discussing” how to kill her. Dispose of her. She is just listening to all of this and they are taking their sweet time.

I imagine this conversation would’ve had to be post-torture. Perhaps she was discovered by the older men after being tortured by younger men? Discussion was then had on how she couldn’t be found, she had to be “disposed of?”

They are all older…one has a pot belly…one is skinny. They feel well-educated where the men who did the actual deed feel like street thugs. I don’t feel they caught them…people did not come to justice.

This gives me the feeling that the older, better-educated men might be law enforcement since that’s the biggest theory in MAM: Steven Avery was set up, twice, by the Manitowoc County Police Department.

I am trying to get how she died. I see blood…so I know it was violent, more than strangling. I feel very, very sorry for her. Makes me sad.

We are told in MAM that Teresa ultimately died of two gunshots to the head. This is pretty violent, obviously. Amy wants to read deeper into this to see more about the actual murder. So, with that in place, I sent her a new picture of:

Steven Avery


Steven Avery is, obviously, the center of MAM. Accused rapist and murderer of Teresa Halbach. We discussed Steven Avery via text and over Skype:

The man, I just got instant sadness in my chest. So much sadness. I don’t feel he is one of the men.

Nor do I, Amy. Nor do I.

I just felt so much sadness in my chest when I looked at that picture, that was just like… I couldn’t breathe, when I felt it. Which I hope — usually, when I feel that much grief and sadness, in somebody in that area, usually — and I knock on wood, I’m not wishing this for him at all, but there’s a lot of sickness that comes with that. A lot of… physical ailments that manifest themselves because of that much grief. And he’s got it.

To me this makes a lot of sense. I would be shocked if Steven Avery WASN’T suffering from some physical illness at this point. The man has had one shitty run, after all.

Amy said she’d like to return to this man later as well, so next I sent over:

Bobby Dassey


Bobby Dassey is Steven Avery’s nephew and Brendan Dassey’s brother. I’ve had a bad feeling about him since he spouted off the line about Steven Avery telling him a “joke” about hiding the body, especially since he never told that to authorities — it was someone else. We also discussed Bobby Dassey via text and Skype:

This guy, I really need to read. There is something there. This guy is nasty.

I thought so too. I’ve got some suspicion on him but I don’t know what it is, exactly.

He has such… there’s no feeling. No feeling. How he plays into this, though, I’m not sure. He’s… a nephew of somebody? Or a relative of somebody involved in this thing.

Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

I’m trying to read if his coldness is because he’s pissed, or if he… he’s one of the two or three younger guys, I think, who took part in kidnapping her, torturing her. They took her to a place, um, that felt like to me like an old old shed, a giant shed or barn type of place, definitely not something that was furnished. It had, like, tools in there, rust, dirt. She’s tied up, sitting, duct-tape on her mouth.

Seems like there would be something like that around the Avery property for sure, or at least nearby. Interesting. They definitely checked Avery’s garage, like, a lot.

He’s a relative to someone important, I think, to this whole thing. Um, I may have misjudged him. Which is what I need to figure out. The first thing I’m seeing in him is just oh my god, this guy is so cold and bad and all this, but when I look at him, and really read into him right now I feel like he, uh, might be very… actually pissed off at the situation.

I found this really intriguing, so she dove deeper.

He’s upset. That’s where that coldness is coming from, I’m feeling? Not necessarily SURE that he’s on the bad side… He could literally kill someone, he’s that angry and upset, but I think actually this could be that he’s upset about the situation, maybe not on the bad side of things. I feel this 100%, he is SO dead inside over what is happening.

In my opinion, both aspects make total sense for a certain theory. If Bobby Dassey was involved in Teresa’s murder and corroborated with police to frame Steven Avery, I doubt it was ever suggested that his slow little brother would also be a suspect. It’s even suggested in MAM that Brendan Dassey was only brought in for questioning because they needed something more than circumstantial evidence. If you accidentally got someone you loved charged with a murder you committed, wouldn’t that make you dead inside?

More on Bobby Dassey later. Let’s finish up for now with:

The Avery Auto Salvage Yard

Google Maps
Google Maps

Amy gave me some very interesting insight on this shot of the salvage yard:

So, this just reminds me of a game. The reason I feel like I’m seeing that is because it IS a game. What is happening right now is players playing a game. That’s what I get. And I get that it is not from, um, this lifetime. These players have all done this before, it’s just rehashing, like a tape being played on repeat.

Who knows if this is a past life scenario playing itself out again, but we know Steven Avery HAS already been through this, and that the event itself DOES feel like a game being played by some very skilled players. This was not an easy task to pull off, it required a lot of finesse.

But this in particular… I feel like you could do a whole sitcom off of the people that are here. Like, uh, there’s characters. There’s like, four, five, six different people who are all… connected in this little land, and they… are characters. They’re just crazy, like, just… I see little cartoon characters, like gnomes, and imps. Strange people. Strange land.

I totally agree. Allan Avery, Steven Avery’s dad, cracks me up even during the most serious moments. Steven Avery’s mother, Dolores, is such a little ball of a woman and I just want to give her a hug. Plus you’ve got the whole Dassey/Janda clan and Steven Avery’s brothers… characters is the right word for it.

And there’s a ton of energy coming off that land that, you know, if you wiped out all the craziness and put luxury condos or something there, it’s still gonna have a funky feel, because that goes back a loooooong time… whatever THAT is.

Hmmm. This makes me wonder. What used to be where the auto salvage yard is now? Native American sacred land, burial grounds? Could account for all the bad mojo in that place. I never even considered that.

There’s a lot more to go into, obviously, as Amy continues to read this fascinating case. Whether you believe she’s the real deal or not, you have to admit her insight is interesting. Up next, readings for Brendan Dassey, Mike Halbach, Andrew Colborn, and James Lenk. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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