6 Horrible, Horrific Serial Killers You May Have Never Heard Of

Earle Leonard Nelson, “The Gorilla Killer”

In and out of mental institutions for many years of his life, Earle Leonard Nelson eventually upped the ante on his former discrepancies by murdering a string of landladies. He would use his good looks, charm, and well-worn Bible to convince them to rent him a room. Then, Nelson killed them and desecrated their corpses. He made his way up the West Coast, through the Midwest, and eventually to Canada on a bloody trail of rampage.

Canada was where Nelson was caught, however, after murdering a 14-year-old flower salesgirl and housewife Emily Patterson. He had a penchant for hiding bodies under beds, and Emily’s was found when her husband got on his knees beside their own bed to pray for his missing wife’s safe return.

Nelson is accused of killing at least 22 women; his trial began in November of 1927 and by January of 1928, he was found guilty and hanged for his crimes.

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