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M.J. Corey was born in California and sort of grew up in Minnesota. Her work has been seen in The Brooklyn Rail, ...

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Jeffrey Eugenides Is Not A Homophobe, Idiots

The joke is as benign as the periodic announcement I make that I am straight for Steve Buscemi. It does no violence to gay people that Jeffrey Eugenides made a clumsily delivered tongue and cheek aside that sort of implies we would be straight if the opposite sex was hotter.

What I Want My College Graduation To Be Like

They will hug me because they’re proud of me and I’m also proud of myself. The truth is, I don’t know what my graduation will be like, or how it will feel. I only know that this time, I will feel it- I will experience feelings about it, and I can’t wait for that.

A Letter To My Dream Girl

I don’t care what you look like as long as you’ve got a nice voice. Every girl I’ve ever wanted to see a second time has had a nice voice. One once had a low thudding voice that came out of the side of her mouth; it sounded almost like a guy’s, but her face was like a doll’s.

5 Unspoken Social Rules That I Routinely Violate

I don’t understand the big deal in admitting that you’re a little groggy because you’re switching up your psych meds. I don’t understand the big deal in quoting something your therapist said — and citing her — if it’s relevant to the conversation.

Valentine's Day Belongs To Single People

I love Valentine’s Day because a day designated to recognize love is a nice thing for America to have, right? Thus, it is a day to remember how much you love other stuff too: I love being giddy on champagne with my friends and writing stories till my carpal tunnel explodes and getting black ink tattoos all over me.