The 6 Times You Fell In Love During High School

Ryan Tauss

The first time you stepped foot on that campus, you fell in love. You’ve wanted to go there for a while, but you weren’t quite positive the first time you went. The people you met were nice. Maybe that’s only because you were young and they wanted to make a good impression on you. Everyone wants a good first impression, even if you’re a broke college student. After touring around a little more, you realize that this IS where you want to be. So much that you can’t imagine yourself anywhere else. You fell in love with every inch of this place. College is a terrifying thought when you’re in high school and still have to ask to go to the bathroom. But this place, my god, this place made home feel like it was built within the campus borders and only within these borders. It was like your life back home never existed, even though you never minded it. And then it hits you that this is and will be your life, and it is changing. And that is good and real and terrifying.

The first time you got your own car, you fell in love. It was crappy and almost older than you, but that didn’t matter. You drove your friends around and sang at the top of your lungs. Despite all the problems, it was a car, and it drove (most of the time). You had some wonderful memories in that car. It was ugly, as most first cars are. But it was yours.

The first time your friends stuck up for you, and I mean really stuck up for you, you fell in love. You fell in love with the way they probably got more upset than you at the people who hurt you. You chuckle in shock at how much you realize they actually care about you more than you thought. People really do care. They don’t even have to tell you they do. They make you laugh when all you want to do is cry. They won’t let you cry. You realize that friends like these don’t come to everyone. How lucky are you to have them? They tell you everything is going to be okay, and for once in your life you finally believe someone when they say that.

The first time you heard that new song that you didn’t expect to like, you fell in love. It caused you to look into more of the artist’s songs, and your heart felt a sense of freedom. It was like your ears were floating and nothing else really seemed to matter. It was the type of song that makes you feel bad for deaf people. You shouted the lyrics alone in your bedroom at two in the morning without a worry that you may wake someone up. Music can do anything, especially to you. It was a small love, but a significant one.

The first time you danced in the rain, you fell in love. It was pouring and some people ran inside to stay dry. Not you. You were a little hesitant at first, but once you and the people you loved started dancing, all of your worries were washed away by the rain. It suddenly didn’t matter that you were soaked and your hair was a mess. You felt at home. You felt free. It hit you- this is how you should feel your whole life.

The first time you finished your favorite book, you fell in love. You were so heartbroken that it was over, yet relieved to finally have finished it. Your entire world felt shattered and put back together. How can simple words on a page do that to somebody? It happened, though. You walked around clueless for a few days because all you could think about was that book. You were so consumed by that story that you almost forgot to live your own.

The first time you fell in love with someone, you fell hard. The way her smile was the only one you cared about seeing. She made you feel either on top of the world or at the bottom of a pit. She was the only one who knew how to pick you up out of your misery. She was art, even if she didn’t see it. You never thought someone could be the most beautiful girl in the world until she became the most beautiful girl in your world. She came into your life like a stop sign on a dark street that made you halt for a while just to notice her. You noticed her. You never stopped noticing her. And it wasn’t even like she was trying to be noticed. Somehow, her rays of light beamed down right onto your face and you were blinded but you didn’t even want to see after that. And from then on, you wanted to spend the rest of your life trying to find a way to seep into her soul like she did to yours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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