Thank You For Loving Me And Thank You For Pushing Me Away

Fade Qu
Fade Qu

You made me fall in love with you and then pushed me away when you couldn’t handle everything I had to give. So, thank you…

For making me feel less than I am.
For making me question my loyalty.
For making me insecure.
For making me settle for less than I deserve.
For verbally beating me down.
For emotionally turning me off.
For making me feel like the least desired woman on the planet.
For touching me in anger but never in love.
For making me love you and accepting nothing in return.
For being jealous.
For being protective.
For putting me so high up on a pedestal that you can’t even reach me.
For all the nights I’ve cried myself to sleep.
For those glances that make me feel like I’m all yours and pushing me away a second later.
For gripping me so tightly that I can’t let go.
For never saying thank you.
For all the little things I’d wish you’d do.
For promising to never hurt me and repeatedly tearing my heart out of my chest.
For showing me the bad boy I always wanted.
For showing me your soft side and your dark side.
For never opening up.

For smiling at me with your eyes.
For caressing me in the night when you think I’m sleeping.
For opening up after a few too many drinks.
For letting me lose control.
For taking care of me.
For making me text you when I get home.
For calling me on my shit.
For being everything I’ve ever wanted.
For giving me everything I’ll ever need.
For being heaven and hell.
For being darkness and light.
For being my wants, my needs, my desires.
For tolerating me when I’m moody.
For lifting me up when I’m down.
For checking me out like it’s the first time you’re seeing me.
For rescuing me from myself.
For being so charming.
For leaving your scent on my pillow.
For letting me wear your sweatshirt.
For seeing me when I don’t want to be seen.
For telling me you love me and meaning it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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