I’m Afraid Of Letting Refugees Into America

Flickr/Freedom House
Flickr/Freedom House

I do not agree with President Obama’s decision to let Syrian refugees into our country, but I understand his decision. I’m not a supporter of President Obama, I don’t like what he’s done for our country. But I understand his decision is a move in which he can help those in need and to connect us in a beneficial way with people in the Middle East.

The biggest thing with letting refugees into our country is that there is no way we can vet all of them properly or thoroughly. The information we would normally be privy to before accepting people into our country we are unable to get. We are unable to 100% properly examine and vet these refugees. With the situation that we are in with ISIS that is simply not safe. Yes, most are being vetted. But how much information can they actually get on these refugees when the country they are being saved from is in such disarray?

These refugees are coming from an ISIS controlled and dominated country. You cannot simply vet someone and know for certain that they do not have extremist views. They could be traveling with their families whom do not have those views. They are living amongst extremists; they could be sympathizers.

I know the argument against my view is that not all Muslims are extremists. I know that. The world knows that. I deal with Muslims every day, I smile and I treat them like any other person. Their beliefs and ethnicity does not define them as a person. I’m not small minded. But people judge groups for their minorities. Whites are seen as racists, because of the minority. Blacks are seen as ghetto and dangerous, because of the minority. Hispanics are stereotyped, because of the minority. English, French, Italian, Australian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, White, Black, Brown are all stereotyped because of the minority.

It’s sad that the minority has to be what defines us in this world, but it is. Once you stop seeing the minority and the potential dangers of the minority is when you can be hurt. Once you stop seeing the racists for what they are is when said racists can act out. Once you stop seeing the violence is when the violence can grow. If you ignore the problem the problem will only get worse.

Plenty of Muslims enter and leave our country on a daily basis. It’s normal, and it was a normal day on September 11th, 2001. But 19 of those 1000s of Muslims were able to kill over 3000 innocent human beings. The minority did that. Just like the minority of Germans were able to commit a mass genocide during World War II.

ISIS would be stupid to not try to send some of their members to the US when they have this chance. They would be handed housing and safety. They just need to get 10 in, out of the 1000s we are accepting to recruit and build themselves a stable group here in our home. Yes, they can get in the country probably anytime they wanted if they really tried. Al Qaeda did it; why couldn’t they? But when our borders are so open and they can hide themselves as Syrian Refugees then why not now?

The United States is the epitome of Western culture. To attack us here on our land would be a huge thing for ISIS. That would send their recruitment through the roof. They would no longer be this terror cell located in Europe and the Middle East. They would be a real, thriving terror group in our own backyards.

Obama accepted these refugees because he’s looking at the majority. He’s making political decisions in which could possibly strengthen ties. He’s making a decision to help 1000s of people. He’s doing a good thing for the majority of the refugees who are coming to this country. I understand why he decided to do what he is doing.

What I don’t understand is what his plan of action is for the minority. What is he doing to insure that the minority isn’t getting into our country? That the minority isn’t going to be able to cause harm to the people who voted him into office, who voted him in to keep us safe and to make the decisions? If Obama let that minority in and they cause harm to his people, to the people he is supposed to be protecting, what will be his plan of action? Is he going to continue denying that this is a war that we need to fight, that we need to do more than just see this as something we can win without war?

As far as I’m concerned ISIS will not go down without deaths. ISIS just like any other terror cell; they won’t go down without a fight. Unless Obama is ready for that fight and ready to send in ground troops to keep us safe then he shouldn’t be giving them such easy access. Not all Republicans are heartless human beings who don’t believe we should protect these innocent, Syrian civilians. Most people who don’t agree with Obama’s choice aren’t disagreeing with saving lives. Instead they are afraid and unsure of how safe his choice is for American citizens. In this world we live in we have to be afraid, and the Paris attacks only strengthen that fear. That could have been you, or your family, or your friends. That could have been in your own backyard.

So my question is, why wouldn’t you be afraid to let in people from a country basically controlled by ISIS into your country? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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