I Believe In Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwiches For Dessert


I believe people are happiest when making art or making love. I believe in, and can see clearly an image of, aliens with noodle limbs and oversized heads lounging on sofas on their home planet, watching us all on their big screen TVs. Their TVs are fancier than ours, and they are laughing, always.

I believe in spending as much time as you would like inside the imaginary bounds of your daydreams, that often the best conversations I have are the ones I hold with myself, and that our greatest power is our thoughts and our greatest asset is our voice yet we abuse these both daily. I believe in my right to swear, or curse, or whatever politically correct term you prefer for me dropping F-bombs, because I do not believe in censorship – especially the censorship of our selves and our thoughts.

I believe that falling in love is life’s greatest adventure and that eternal love needn’t be reflected by a piece of paper. I believe in the rights of all humans and the celebrations of all loves, and if two men want a baby then give them a baby, because they are probably more qualified than most people on television. I believe reality television, speaking of, is a flattering mix of both staging and reality and the viewership proves that no one wants their own reality.

I believe that the danger in owning too many objects is that your objects will own you – own less stuff. I believe that music can open eyes, change hearts, and can, therefore, change this world, and that sunsets have the ability to change the way we see this world. I believe that when you kiss the one you love in the rain, the rain falls only around you, not on you. I believe we should thank some sort of higher power daily for the chance to breathe, even if you believe that means simply thanking the air.

I believe in reincarnation. I believe it is healthy to feel sad and to feel lonely. I believe the most beautiful sounds are created by water: waves crashing on shorelines, rain sprinkling on window sills, waterfalls. I believe cats have a personality and I believe that if you wouldn’t eat a dog then you shouldn’t eat a pig because they have personalities, too. I don’t believe, however, that the food on my plate at dinnertime affects the food on your plate at dinnertime, or any time, and vice versa. I believe in spending an entire day in bed.

I believe the problem with the world is not that too many people believe only themselves to be right, but that those who actually are remain silent. I believe that once you admit that you do not know where your path will lead you, that trying to control everything will always be a failed effort, and that you breathe until you don’t, it is only then that you will finally be able to live. I believe we should fall head over heels at least once every day with ourselves.

I believe that medicine is the best medicine, but when dealing with those aches and pains not fixed easy with a bandage or Advil, there are always funny movies, best friends and cup cakes. When those fail, there is vodka, and when that causes other aches and pains, there are bandages and Advil. I believe we should take our work seriously but we should never take ourselves too seriously. I believe life is a comedy. I believe we should all dance. I believe everyone – everyone – is good at heart.

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