Let Yourself Be Loved By Being Vulnerable

Matthew Kane
Matthew Kane

Vulnerability is being as you are, wearing only skin, and feeling every sensation from the hair on your head to the tip of your toes. Being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness but  a sign of courage.

It means speaking to let your voice be heard, without the fear of being misunderstood. To stand in front of a crowd with blinded eyes and cuffed hands, screaming from the bottom of your heart for help. It is the footsteps you hear coming towards you and the faint echo of a reply that says, “Where are you?”

Let yourself be loved by being open with whatever you’re going through. You’re allowed to cry when life gets overwhelming. You’re allowed to be afflicted by all these emotions that cannot be contained in the palm of your hand.

Life is made up of the roller coasters and dead drops. It is not, in the slightest bit, your obligation to numb yourself of the pain. It is not alright to say, “I’m okay” when you’re not. Believe in your heart that there are people who will help you in a heartbeat.

Just like a pack of wolves, souls howl to the cry of one. Souls do not know space, or matter. They only know the joys of triumph or the anguish of heartache. The interconnectedness of you and of those who love you strengthen or break by the walls you build to protect yourself.

Be vulnerable. Be the first one to split that wall in half and let love pour onto your riverbank. Let it water your roots and make you whole. Let it see your shortcomings, all your dark angles, and love you the same.

Being vulnerable means speaking to be heard and listening with the intent to realize – that each person is going through a battle you do not know about. In being vulnerable, you must genuinely understand that there are days when you must step up to have another person’s back – to hold their heart and be a stronghold to lean on. Recognizing this is the first step to living a full life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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