The 10 Qualities Of A Good Woman

The Breakup
The Breakup

I see a lot of men trying to have a serious relationship with women but they constantly try to have a serious relationship with the wrong woman and then they question whether or not they should even try. When you’re a mature man who wants a mature woman, it helps to know what a mature woman would be like.

The right woman will not start off nude

This one should be pretty obvious. If you meet her through friends and you’re texting pictures to each other, the right woman for you most likely won’t send you a picture of her in her undies. You most likely won’t get a boob shot or a something you can sneak a peek at when you need a jump start. You won’t meet through a phone app and when you ask for a picture it’s a nude one right from the start. She will want more than sex so she will not start the relationship with sex because she’s smart enough to know that sex is not everything.

Sex won’t happen for a while

Sex seems to be the biggest relationship issue today. You know someone for a few days and then you’re having sex. Well if you want the woman you’re trying to have something long term with, you can say goodbye to sex for at least a month or two because that one and only will not let just anyone have her body. Notice I said at least. It can be longer. Does that mean you can get sex from somewhere else? No! You cheat on her one time and she’s gone.

She won’t smother you

One of the signs you’re with the right woman is when you notice that you don’t have to ask her for space. She’s smart enough to know that she doesn’t have to spend every waking moment hanging onto your arm and telling you to talk to her. She’ll need her space too and she doesn’t mind giving it to you.

She’s a woman, not a girl

Maturity plays a very important role in whether or not you find the right person. When you’re 25 and you’re picking up a woman who is 18, you have a chance of getting a little girl. Sure, she’s legal but she’s most likely still in high school, playing high school games and only liking you so much because you’re older. You want something truly serious? Get a woman because a woman doesn’t play those games.

She won’t be on a cheap hookup website

When you have a website where you upload a picture, small bio, and your location, then you’re shown people near you, YOU’RE ON A CHEAP HOOKUP SITE! You don’t go to those kind of locations trying to find the love of your life. If you find her, good for you but I doubt it will really happen.

You won’t have everything in common

Classic opposites attract saying should be inserted here. It isn’t always true. It’s nice to have some things in common but there’s nothing wrong with having your own thing that only you like and she will understand that. She will not pry while you’re doing something you like. She’ll do something she likes while you’re doing that.

You won’t have to compare her

You’ll be so happy with her that you won’t feel the need to compare her to your ex. She is a person all her own and she never seems to do anything that your ex did. You’ll also not feel the need to weigh the pros and cons of staying with her or being with another girl.

She’s not drop dead gorgeous

I’m not saying that a supermodel cannot be THE girl but the problem with a lot of men is that they want all these things but they expect her to be supermodel hot as well. It’s possible but if she’s going to be so gorgeous then you need to be hot and sexy too. Don’t like that idea do you? So you find the girl who’s a little pudgy but you have that connection with her. Go for her. Looks don’t matter when you have the one.

Deep conversations

You can’t have a deep conversation with an airhead. You’ll have a Jillian from Family Guy situation. That right girl will always be suitable to talk to. Even if she doesn’t understand something, she will listen and help as best she can. She won’t begin daydreaming in the middle of your conversation because she can’t understand it. You will actually want to talk to this girl about your problems or you day. She will want to listen and she will want to help you.

She won’t give ultimatums

This woman cares about whether or not you’re happy in this relationship. She cares about the relationship and cares about where it stands. She will not dangle the sake of your relationship over your head to get what she wants. She will not say “Marry me, or I leave,” and she will not try to force you to do anything in such a manner. Anyone who would say something like that is not serious about your relationship. A person like that only cares about themselves and what they want.

Everyone has different tastes. The right woman might not meet all these criteria but that might tickle your fancy. Either way, I hope this helps you understand what you should look for if you are trying to find something serious. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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