This Is For The Girl Who Feels Everything

You feel everything intensely. You love hard. And though that is your greatest blessing, you find that to be your biggest curse as well.

You try to find a reason as to why people are cruel. Because they simply can’t just be like that. You try to justify their actions when they don’t deserve it, and sometimes your justifications are valid. But other times, more often than not, you find that people are just cruel and there is no justification for the way they act.

When that happens, it hurts you. It pains you. You feel it so much that you literally ache down to your bones and heart. You think it’s a curse.

It’s far from a curse. In fact, it’s what I admire most about you. I admire your ability to feel every emotion, from low to high, intensely.

It’s a beautiful thing because on those happy and joyful days when you’re in that element, you are So Beautiful.

You’re beautiful.

The way you find the good and beauty in things that are so small and simple literally make my heart happy.

Your belief in the imaginary astounds me. Your love of a world where fairies and mermaids exist makes me smile. But, I totally agree with you – until we explore all of the ocean, people can’t tell me mermaids don’t exist.

Your dreams never seem like dreams because they are so real to you and when you talk about them, I am right there with you because that’s where I want to be. I want to be living in that imaginary world with you because it’s more real to me than the one we live in.

But at the same time, your love of this world and how it can be so much better and how you are working to make it better makes me believe that we have a beautiful and bright future.

I know that you’ve been having a hard time. I see you trying to put that smile on for everyone to let everyone know you’re okay because you know that soon enough you will be okay. I know it’s hard because as humans we give our hearts to someone else, knowing they can break it but trusting them not to.

You’ve given your heart many times, and I know it’s tired. You’re tired.

But you should know, that one day, someone is going to love you back so hard the way you love and you’ll forget about all this pain you’re feeling now.

So you keep feeling everything. You keep feeling every emotion intensely. The good. The bad. The so-so. All of it.

Because I know one day, someone is going to love you the way you deserve to be loved. They will love you with every ounce that they have and with every ounce of their being.

I know this because you deserve nothing less. “The sun rises and sets for you.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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