16 Things Every Struggling 20-Something Should Know To Live A More Fulfilled Life


My title makes me feel like a know-it-all pompous ass. Who am I to give advice you ask? I may not be as wise as Master Oogway or Old Rafiki, but let’s just say that I have survived the 20’s life, and I’ve learned more than you have so far.

So, listen up.

On life:

Fail fast, and fail often. Most lessons should be learned the hard way. Failure makes you hungry and desperate, so you strive for more. Failure makes you wiser, so you make better decisions in the future. Failure brings you to rock bottom and when you’re down, there really is no other way but up.

Be deliberate in choosing who you spend most of your time with. Don’t discriminate. Everyone has goodness in them. But, choose who you hang out with more often. Like it or not, your friends’ qualities rub off on you. Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. That includes their income and their personalities. Choosing who you spend time with is the same as choosing the person you want to become.

Be kind and considerate, but don’t forget to stand your ground. Being a blue type of person (see Personality Color meaning here), I’ve always preferred peace and harmony, so I try to avoid arguments and conflicts. I try to be patient and considerate. Problem is, most people are abusive. If you let them, they will take advantage of your kindness and cross the line because they assume you will be considerate with them anyway. Sad, but most people are like parasites who feed on your goodness.

Know your purpose, or else getting up will be a difficult thing to do. Are you here to scrutinize and criticize every person you meet? Are you here to complain everyday about your government, the church leaders, your company, your neighbor’s cat, or the weather, because they don’t live up to your expectations and they’re not as perfect as your system is?

What on earth are you here for? You’re not here by accident.

Have the balls to face the consequences of your actions. Own up to your mistakes. Don’t go around blaming others for the decisions you make. There’s nothing more impressive than someone who is mature enough to admit they’re wrong. There’s nothing more appalling than someone who keeps on making up excuses for their mistakes, and has the gall to put the blame on other people and circumstances for their mess.

Travel often. Set aside time and money for travel while you’re still young and free. There’s something about traveling that changes your perspective and empowers you.

Take a lot of risks. Be wise and cautious but don’t let your fear of the unknown stop you from enjoying life.

On finances:

Get yourself insurance. The future remains uncertain. Be practical. Set aside enough not only for you to enjoy, but also to ensure your family’s future. Don’t be a burden to them.

Invest. Not everyone can start and run their own business, but everyone can invest in giant companies. Be business partners with the country’s business tycoons by investing in their stocks. Let the experts manage your money for you. Let the theory of compound interest work in your advantage.

Live within or below your means. This takes a lot of discipline and imagination. Imagine yourself a few years from now. Will you be living adequately, having more than enough or borrowing money from random people just to get you through the day?

Learn to give back. Generosity opens up doors for more blessings and opportunities to come in. Generosity creates a vacuum, and the universe abhors vacuum. It will fill the void up so you can be full again.

On relationships:

Don’t get into one if you don’t plan on staying. Don’t waste the other person’s time if you’re not ready. Save both of you the messy post relationship trauma and mess. Don’t be a heartless monster.

If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way. Relationships require you to sacrifice a little convenience and comfort. Because a relationship is not a one way street, and you’re different from the other person, you may need to compromise. So, if you’re not ready to do the hard and serious part, stay single.

Like everything else, relationships won’t work unless you do. Love Is Not Just An Emotion. Friendships don’t just spring out of nowhere. Teams aren’t built overnight. Successful relationships don’t just happen. You make it happen.

Small things matter most. You don’t have to climb the highest peak or be crucified to show your love and devotion. Compliment. Be there. Make your presence felt. Appreciate. Affirm.

Make time. Giving someone your time shows that they matter. Don’t let the small things rob you of your time for your biggies. If you’re too busy with work, one day you might wake up and realize you’re driven everyone you love away. What a miserable way to grow old.

Remember that life isn’t an easy journey, but it sure is worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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