17 Things Only High Maintenance Women Like Blaire Waldorf Understand

I binged watched Gossip Girl yesterday and learned what Blaire Waldorf perfectly understands.

1. You do not go out without looking absolutely perfect. And you are often seen like you just shopped for the world.


2. Shopping makes your world go round.

Source: Giphy

3. Not boyfriends.



4. You have a habit of spending too much when under stress. Or when it’s just a normal day.

5. Fashion is your area of expertise.


6. And people around you know that.

7. You have mastered the art of painting your face.


8. You own a whole lot of shoesss.

9. You know what you want and nothing and/or nobody can stop you from getting it.


10. And you give that advice to your friends.

11. Some people call you “bitch” but it’s totally okay because you associate it with being the boss.

Source: Giphy

12. You are not easily pleased by people.

13. Because you have high expectations.

Source: Giphy

14. You know how to have fun.

15. You voice out your opinion like no other.

16. And sorry, you are not sorry for it.

17. Because duh?! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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