Be Cautious Of Your Heart, But Keep It Open To Love

Thomas Griesbeck

There is nothing more beautiful than a heart that’s strong in its vulnerability. A heart that’s able to experience every bit of joy, but also every bit of pain. A heart that knows disillusionment, but also fulfilment. A heart that knows when to give in, and when to give up. A heart that lets people in, but also a heart that knows how to shut people out. A heart that knows. A heart that feels.

The world would make you hard—maybe it has happened before. Or tomorrow. Or maybe, it is happening now.

These days, it is do easy to just let yourself get lost in that bubble of fear and anger. It is so easy to think that being soft means being weak. But how many people actually allow themselves to really feel? How many people still make art because they love it, and not just because it is what other people are doing, or because it looks good on the life they have made on the internet? How many people still listen to the beat and lyrics of songs, mincing every word, taking everything in because music is poetry to them? How many still care about poems and films and words so beautifully strung together that they truly make them feel things inside?

How many people allow themselves to feel things without berating themselves afterwards? When was the last time you cried out of sheer happiness and didn’t dismiss it as being cheesy, or obnoxious? When was the last time you allowed yourself to really get lost in love, and maybe even in life?

The world would break you as it often does. You would break the world, and yourself, too. But rather than get lost in a sea of people who fail to walk the world with their hearts on their sleeves, why don’t you allow yourself to stand out from the crowd, even just for this?

Things don’t always work out in the end, but they work out somehow.

And when you let your heart open, you would feel the sweet downpour of rain; the taste of summer sunshine. You would begin to see that there is a story inside every person you meet; that every animal has a name. You would realize that your body is more than just a vessel; that you have got a soul inside. A soul that feels things, be it joy, anger, pain, sadness, frustration, and every other feeling there is, because it is possible to feel so many things at once, beautiful or not. To have experienced heartbreak is always better than not knowing what it is at all.

Of course, you are allowed to protect yourself, too. The world is a nasty place. You’ve got to learn how to save yourself; realize that there are various stories that could happen in your life—and not all of them leave lessons, but marks. Know that some people are shitty, do what you could, but know when to leave and let go, whatever it may be. Get down and cry. Be angry. But help yourself up. It’s only the best thing you could do.

Guard your heart, but let it remain open. Don’t let the world take you from you.
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