11 Things Kids From Small Towns Want

Townsquare Media Albany
Townsquare Media Albany

(1) For the richest person in town to not just be the kid who with an in ground swimming pool.

(2) To be able to see the new movies before you see commercials for the DVD.

(3) For the smell of cow shit to be less familiar to them than the feeling of happiness.

(4) For the color scheme of their town not to be the same colors as dirt, trees, and sadness.

(5) For the largest social gathering not to be high school football games where they lose to schools that can afford computers made past 2000.

(6) School equipment that didn’t see the Clinton Presidency.

(7) For everyone to forget that time in 6th grade when you went through a ‘hardcore’ phase.

(8) For the hippest person to not just be whoever has a friend in the city.

(9) To forget that the person they broke up with in 7th grade ended up looking like a model by 11th.

(10) For everyone to stop telling stories of ‘when I get out of this place’, when really most people won’t leave, and even those who leave might realize a quiet suburb
has more security to it than try to ‘make it’.

(11) To ‘make it’. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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