5 Things I Learned About Storytelling By Starting A Podcast


A couple of months ago I started podcasting.

I was consuming so much podcast content that I felt like I needed to put some back into the world. 

I wanted to start a show which encompassed all forms of storytelling. I firmly believe that in today’s world writers are post-medium. By that I mean they can tell stories through film, books, comics, whatever, and still maintain their voice.

And I’ve gotta say … it’s been a positive force in my life. To more accurately describe it, I’d have to say it’s been like a shotgun of positivity aimed at my face.

I honestly think you should do it too. Here are five reasons why:

1.) It holds you accountable.

I didn’t just want to talk about storytelling from a distance. I wanted to get amongst it. To get involved. I started to challenge myself on the show. “In the next seven days I will have written and published a short story on Amazon, or in the next week I will have made a short film.” And it worked.

Since the show started I’ve released one short story on Amazon, made and released a short film which was picked up by Digg and iO9, written a 90-Page screenplay, and helped three other people self-publish their first books. All of these were done within a week!

If you’ve ever felt like you need to get into gear and get some work done … start a podcast.

2.) It opens doors.

There’s a lot of amazing storytellers that I’d love to have a chat with. Just a quick consultation. Just the opportunity to ask a few burning questions. Oh god it burns!

But there was never any reason for them to talk to me. Why would they? What was their benefit? Well now it’s a promotional thing.

I interview them on the show. I get to talk to them and ask them questions, and in turn they get to promote themselves and their ideas. Win/Win.

If you’ve felt like you needed a bit of mentorship … start a podcast.

3.) It crystallizes your thoughts.

I’ve always had a vague idea of my method. An idea of my working practice.

What’s the best process for writing a short story? A screenplay?

I had a general gist of it all, but it’s always been a little obtuse for me. Like I didn’t fully understand it myself. Maybe I still don’t.

But since having the show, I’ve wanted to share my ideas as clearly as possible. I’ve had to polish them off and shine them up before presenting them to the world. A process which in itself has strengthened them.

If you’ve felt unsure about what you’re talking about … start a podcast.

4.) It’s a personal journal.

It’s inspiring to me to look back at what the show has made so far. What creativity it’s squeezed out. I think of it like flicking back through an old diary. A record of what I was doing at that particular time. What my concerns were. What my hopes were. What that smell was.

I hope that in many years time … when I’m eighty, I’ll be able to listen to these old shows and meet my younger self. I wonder if I’ll recognize him.

If you want to time travel and meet your younger self … start a podcast.

5.) It keeps you moving forward.

I’ve often joked to my listeners, my girlfriend, my own reflection that having this podcast is dragging me kicking and screaming forwards. It dictates what I NEED to do to get to the places I WANT to get to. It forces me to do it. I have to push forward for myself and for the listeners. It’s like the coach who watches over you and slaps you when you try to eat a donut, but pats you on the back when do a sit-up.

If you ever wanted to be forced forwards towards your goals … start a podcast.

… but more than that, if you want to immerse yourself in the amazing world of modern storytelling that we’re living in … start a podcast, because your storytelling depends on it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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