The 5 Biggest Snapchat Offenses

Everyone loves a good Snapchat. The anticipation kills you every time — you are either the one who opens the snap within an instant or you’re patient enough to have them rest in your database for a few minutes of pure bliss. But what if those highly anticipated snaps leave you dissatisfied with another picture of a sunset or your friend on vacation? What if you feel like the only story your friends ever show on Snapchat is the story of a delicious hamburger mysteriously disappearing from a plate?

Multiple people have told me they hate Snapchat stories. Why? Several reasons.

1. People use the longest time setting.

I only want to see a picture for a limited amount of time. I don’t want to see a selfie of you and your friend for 10 seconds just to wait for another snap to appear. You’ve already lost my interest.

2. People complain about how their day sucks.

I’m sorry you’re having a bad day, but you don’t have to let the world know via Snapchat. Try Twitter — it’s better for feelings.

3. People brag about how their day rules.

You try to make your friends jealous that you are sunbathing or enjoying a day beer while everyone else is working. Either way, we don’t actually care.

4. People just snapchat their food.

You might be proud that you roasted a chicken for the first time, but I do not need to see the process of you putting it in the oven to your first bite of the breast. Nor do I need to see that you and your friends made a special excursion to the yogurt shop as a reward for cooking your little heart out.

5. People have the same smile in all their selfies.

Selfies are great — don’t get me wrong. Just don’t have the only difference in a snap be the location of where you took it. Yes, you’re attractive, but I know you are more creative than that.

If you find that your friend is sending you any of the snaps listed above, it might be time for an intervention.

As for Snapchat in general, we need to put a stop to boring snaps and appreciate the potential of an average Snapchat user. To rid the problem of disappointed snaps received, Snapchat should remodel its “score” system. Snapchat records a score based on the total number of snaps sent and received. This is a very flawed system because a score should not be based on quantity over quality.

Instead, Snapchat could account for two things. First, if a screenshot were taken, the user that sent the snap could receive a point as a reward. Second, the snap receiver could just tap the screen twice with their other finger to subtract points if they thought the snap was too boring.

Then the score becomes a matter of Snapchat mastery and talent than a popularity contest.

Snapchat should exist as a platform to take silly selfies, share bizarre moments, and more importantly make you laugh. Save the food porn and sunsets for Instagram. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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