I Found A Flash Drive Documenting A Bizarre Psychology Experiment In 2009. This Was What Was Inside. (Part 9)

Part nine of a series.
image - Flickr / evil_mel
image – Flickr / evil_mel

Day 8



Finally, this experiment is back on track. I believe Edward has rather taken a liking to his new arrangement in the tool shed on the other side of the yard. Seeing as how he cannot afford to be noisy, for his own safety, it is the perfect situation for all of us. It’s just strange that the groundskeeper failed to mention that there was another shed on the property.

Uplifted from this turn of events, I was even able to get the participants on the phone and arrange a video interview with Aspen. She is seated in the Footage Room now. She has a considerable amount of makeup on, as though she is about to go on a date. Her blonde hair is elegantly curled, and her skin is absolutely glowing.

“Maxwell is back,” she smiled.

“Odd,” I said to Garett.

He nodded. With Ed out of the picture, we had become somehow closer, conferring almost as partners now.

“When did she start caring so much about him?”

“Must have finally hooked up together,” Garett said, grinning.

I gave him an appeasing smile, but I had other thoughts racing around my mind. I do not accept that this is the only explanation. It would hardly suffice for all of the other behavior modifications occurring around the board.

“Tell us about Maxwell,” I said into the microphone.

“Sorry,” she said, still smiling oddly.

“Only Max can tell you about Max. I am not his keeper; I am not anyone’s keeper, nor their biographer. But I thought you might like to know we all did some talking last night. We think you will be pleased to know that we are ready to be good participants in your study again. Do you have any immediate requests, Master? Or shall we continue exploring our sexuality and compatibility?”

The power failed.


I’ve been thinking about the weird timing of their power failure, right as she said that. But more so, I’ve been thinking about being called Master. She did not sound patronizing, sarcastic or rebellious. Her voice was even, neutral. What was she thinking?

It is difficult right now to be excited about resuming exactly what we came up here to do. This does not feel normal anymore. However, there seems to be something new to discover here, of a most interesting psychological nature. I cannot put my finger on it yet. Garett and I both feel that it will present itself soon enough: the true discovery that was meant to be unveiled here in Rosewood Manor. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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