I Found A Flash Drive Documenting A Bizarre Psychology Experiment In 2009. This Was What Was Inside. (Part 15)

This is part 15 of a series.
image - Flickr / evil_mel
image – Flickr / evil_mel

Day 14



I have just talked to Elija. There is a basement we were not aware of. Patricia revealed it to Maxwell. Elija doesn’t know if the girls are terrified into submission or are going along with this fucked thing, but they are pretending like nothing is happening.

“They dragged a guy in here,” he said. “Maxwell and Patricia seem to know him. There’s a big blood stain on the sheet that’s over his head.”

I told Elija to go now, before anyone found out what he was doing. I have had to make a difficult decision for myself, and for the sake of those in Rosewood Manor.

I am locking this door and no one is getting in. I will barricade myself in this fucking shack until I can get help to come and we get out of this place. Now that she took the car out of commission there’s no way I can hope to run away. I don’t even know what they did with the groundskeeper. One thing is certain, however. I will not give up this space without a fight. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

[Author’s Notes: 
Days 15-19 are completely empty .txt files. It is just now that I have realized: The tampering of these files has been on the end of whoever has been receiving them. Whatever is erased or altered, has been so from the one collecting the uploads.

The further I read and transcribe, the harder it becomes to handle the contents of this flash-drive. I can only imagine who this has belonged to. How have I come to be in possession of it now?]

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