I Found A Flash Drive Documenting A Bizarre Psychology Experiment In 2009. This Was What Was Inside. (Part 11)

This is part 11 of a series.
image - Flickr / evil_mel
image – Flickr / evil_mel

Day 10



I have informed the participants that I will be arriving at the house later today. The best course of action still remains for me to sneak down unseen to the car and drive it back up. To walk on foot would raise suspicion; to reveal to them that we have been on the property the entire time would be the ruin of this experiment.

Although Maxwell has made it clear that Edward has had a rather disastrous effect on everything thus far, he seems at least to have refrained from giving up our positions.

For right now, the main thing is to clear the air at Rosewood Manor personally. In my absence, I have requested that Garett take up my post in documenting everything he sees. In fact, this has seemed to present a rather unique opportunity for a meta-analysis. I.e. an analysis of the Facilitator mingling with those who are being analyzed. I will soon be back in full control, and ready to take this research to even greater heights.

I am now departing. It is up to Garett to carry the torch until my return. I believe I should at least spend one night amongst the participants, for full immersion. It will only be then that they may start believing I have their best interests at heart, beyond the conditions of the experiment. I only hope that Garett can properly fill his greater role here.


I am going to immediately delete this file from entry after having uploaded it to the online backup. This is Garett. Patricia Hume is not who she seems. While we still trusted her, we handed our cell phones over to her, so we have no other way of communicating anymore. She has blocked all internet access, except for the online backup of the files. This was a huge mistake.

She has been gone for half an hour now, and I’ve had a bit of time to go through all of the notes she’s saved locally. I can’t believe the shit she’s documenting. Edward has done absolutely nothing. Patricia was not asleep on Days 4 and 5.

What’s more, She is not planning on driving the car up to Rosewood Manor. I saw her taking wire-cutters and a pointed rod she found in the tool shed After having knocked Edward out cold with a crowbar she brought along. I am afraid Edward may be suffering severe head trauma right now. Edward saw the warning signs sooner than I did and tried helping Max to escape, with the aid of the groundskeeper. Why did Maxwell return without help? Why did he return at all… The groundskeeper was supposed to have shown him how to reach town.

But more importantly right now, I believe she has taken those tools down to disable the car. All I can do to prevent the same fate as Edward is to pretend like I don’t know a fucking thing and just go along with what she says. After I upload and delete this, I will be forced to report like normal, so that she does not become suspicious. I have no idea how

She’s back. She turned around for something.


Patricia has arrived at Rosewood Manor on foot. The participants have just learned that her car has broken down on her return journey. Thus, she has been able to avoid any suspicion by the participants as to why she was showing up without a car.

She has brought quite a few bottles of alcohol, procured from where, I do not know. Seems like a good idea though. The participants seem to be a bit standoffish towards her. Surely this night will mostly involve breaking the ice and easing them back into an open line of communication. I will keep you posted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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