I Found A Flash Drive Documenting A Bizarre Psychology Experiment In 2009. This Was What Was Inside. (Part 1)

Part 1 of a series.

image - Flickr / evil_mel
image – Flickr / evil_mel

Patricia Hume
PSY 602
Dr. Sandaval

Correlations Between Fear And Memory Lapse: 
A Field Analysis

In lieu of a research paper, I have chosen to conduct a field study involving four test subjects. Each is of a different age and is paired with another of the opposite gender:

  • Elija, male, 25
  • Tabitha, female, 25
  • Maxwell, male, 18
  • Aspen, female, 18

All four subjects have been lied to about my purposes with this experiment. This is to ensure that none of them go into the assessment with preconceptions about their own belief systems regarding concepts of death and the afterlife.

They have been told that this is an experiment about sexuality and compatibility. All four will be in a large mansion (approx. 16 bedrooms, atop 20 acres of densely forested land) and paired up according to their ages in a bedroom of their choosing.

I have been completely forward in explaining to them that the house will be full of hidden cameras and microphones. However, what I did not tell them, is that there is a small shack within the acres of forested land that will be locked. Two helpers and myself will be staying there for the duration of the experiment. From there, we will be emulating a terrifying (haunting, if you will) experience for the participants by venturing to the house when possible. I was very careful in my selection of two discrete, surreptitious troublemakers.

As you can already tell, I am writing this study as it is happening. This is for a most disturbing reason; however, one that I, and the other participants, are all willing to risk. The Rosewood Manor has seen a slew of murders involving the house’s successive owners over the past 20 years. Five families in all have met their fate here. Of course it is only speculation, but popular belief holds that the murders have all been committed by the same man, who will continue this tradition until the end of his days.

We have done enough research to find that the house’s occupants have all dwelled in the house for at least five months before being murdered. The numbers vary, however the minimum of five months would seem to give us the cushion room needed to conduct this four-week trial. Thus, the unusual present tense style of this paper is, as all things, a product of circumstance. Surely there is nothing to fear, but one can never be too careful.

When asked by the test subjects about why I needed this mansion to conduct a sexuality experiment, I told them that we needed a lot of room for the experiment to be viable. The 18-year-old subjects accepted this premise, but the older participants were still skeptical. This was one of the primary purposes for having the different age groups in the first place.

We expect that, under conditions of duress, the older subjects may retain more accurate memories of the experiences. Being older and more acquainted with the ways of the world, their skepticism of haunting things is expected to offer a kind of protection against memory loss from overwhelming stimuli. In other words, the less they believe, the more they will remember. This is the crux of the experiment.

The main body of this paper will therefore consist of journal entries updated day-by-day, all documenting the findings. And each journal entry will be uplinked to an online backup file. In the event of a most inconvenient death, my findings will still be available by the time it is discovered that I may not be returning.

An aside – Once again, Professor, thank you for giving me leave from your class for a month in order to conduct this research project. Unfortunately my other instructors have given me stacks of work that will need to be completed upon my return, but that too is a small price to pay for this unique opportunity. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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