10 Signs You And Your Partner Need A Sexcation

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Forgetting Sarah Marshall

1. You have to schedule sex (or worse, not have it all).

2. You just overcame a huge challenge together. After going through something that impacted your lives or relationship it’s important to find time to relax together. 

3. Your libidos are never on the same wavelength. One of you is horny when the other is just too tired or stressed out from work or vice-versa.

4. You spend more time masturbating than actually having sex.

5. You’ve been unusually distracted and haven’t had time to connect with your partner in an intimate way.

6. You and your partner have been going through a rut and you need something to help you two rediscover your passion and give you a chance to focus on each other.

7. You can’t remember the last time you two tried something new in the bedroom. 

8. You’ve gone through the honeymoon phase in your relationship and are at a comfortable place now where you don’t have to question the love, but sometimes you wonder if you’ve become too comfortable with each other.

9. You’ve been thinking of exploring a new side of your sexuality and would love to have some unadulterated one on one time with your partner away from everything to explore this new area with.

10. You’ve been increasingly having arguments and getting irritated with one another. It’s frustrating because you know you’re both just letting work and life get to you too much and you know some time away would be an easy fix. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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