The Best Kind Of Love

Tyler Mullins
Tyler Mullins

If it’s meant to be, it will be. I believe that now.

You see, I’ve always been the kind of girl who never lets destiny or fate or whatever it is you call it, to determine whether or not I’ll end up with the one I love. I’ve always pushed what needs to be pushed and I’ve always fought for what needs to be fought for.

For me, if you want something, you go and get it.

But that’s not how we happened.

We happened when she broke your heart, around the same time my ex broke mine.

We happened out of necessity, out of sheer friendship.

And they say that’s the best kind of love. 

Things just sort of fell into place when we started hanging out again. When we would rant and talk endlessly about why shitty things happen to good people; why some people can just leave you like that after loving you for half a decade, why people cheat, why they left us, why they should and shouldn’t come back, and the list goes on and on and on.

And with every friendly date we have, I can’t help but catch myself smiling at the possibility of us.

Maybe I’ve gone too cynical that I forgot how sometimes the universe works in ways we can never imagine. We had a history, you see. Unfinished and unspoken, and for half a decade, we had a gap in our friendship. Mostly a gap caused by our past loves.

Reunited by our broken hearts, we fell back in each other’s arms like that gap never happened, except for the pain it left us. The pain we’re both trying so damn hard to heal. We healed each other’s broken heart with every laugh and every corny jokes we crack. Every rant, every debate, every rebuttal we had about life.. we just clicked. We’re basically two peas in a pod. You told me once, that, if the universe pairs up every single soul with their counterpart, you would be my match. And I agree. I so agree.

Right now, I’m just glad we’re happy. Broken maybe, but not lonely. I have no idea how and when this will end, but I do know one thing: She had to happen and he had to happen so that we could finally happen.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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