This Is The Pain Of Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back Anymore

“Why did they get separated? What happened? Don’t they love each other anymore?”

The answers are even more painful than the questions. They’ve separated because of life. Nothing really happened, they never had a fight. Yes, they do love each other a lot. But now they’ve chosen to go through different paths. No, it wasn’t a choice. Life has happened. Like a pair of shoes when one piece gets missing.

The two were always together walking side by side, step by step. Then one day one of them just got lost in the way. Nobody knows exactly how it happened. Maybe they got separated when they were coming back from a trip. One of the two came back home. The other one was left behind probably forgotten beside the hotel bed underneath the dirty sheets. Or maybe they got separated on their way out of that crazy party at 4am when one of the two got paired up with the handsome guy’s shoes; and the other one got back home alone. So nobody knows what happened. Or how it happened. Or even why it happened.

All they know it’s they don’t belong together anymore. He’s not her home anymore. He doesn’t live in her smile anymore. And all that has left is the pain of a love that hasn’t died; that hasn’t ended; a love that hasn’t faded. A flawless love but yet a not-lived love. A love that will remain perfect forever just because there is no “two” no more when one of them got lost. Like an unused pair of shoes; beautiful yet useless. Shoes that won’t ever dance through endless summer nights, that won’t walk a thousand miles, that won’t fight about which path to take. A love that apparently won’t hurt.

Until you look close enough and realize that the pain of a love that has left but hasn’t died still hurts even more. Just because it’s a love that will never be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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